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Jul 2, 2012 03:49 AM

Which Ice Cream-Haagen Daz or Ben & Jerry's

No stories, no conditions, simple one or the other, which of these two brands do you like best. When enough results in will count them up and report.
Here is first vote, mine - Haagen Dazs

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    1. re: kseiverd

      We enjoy both. HD seems to have fewer varieties but the quality is excellent. B&J has some interesting offerings but we seem to always go back to Cherry Garcia and Phish Food. Maybe there is a musical link?

      1. re: Motosport

        We enjoy both....

        Same sentiments here.....there may be a slim nod overall tipped towards Haagen-Daz, but I do enjoy Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry's.

        Ultimately, I purchase whichever brand is on sale at any given time.

        Sorry I could not answer your question without conditions....i.e., the OP's

      1. re: susans

        This! I really love the HD 5. That being said, the newer flavours of HD has been pretty good. The honey green tea one and vanilla bean espresso are pretty tasty.

        1. Not a big ice cream freak, but either one works for me.

          1. I never go in a B&J. There is a characteristic smell that I find off-putting. I used to go to H-D regularly.

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            1. re: GH1618

              Yes! That smell gets me too. I've tried to explain it to others and I just get a lot of sad looks.
              I can smell it much worse at Cold Stone Creamery - what IS that? Like cheap sugar + shortening? Uncooked, mass-produced cookie dough? Whatever it is, it sets my teeth on edge.

              There isn't a trace of that smell in all my fav. dairy-style ice cream places, so it is not something that has to be present in an ice cream store, that's for sure.