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Jul 2, 2012 02:13 AM

any reviews from eat the street 6/29/12?

my dog and i went down, but the crowd and loud music scared her, so we left before we got to sample any of the food.

any highlights? it seems they feature garlic periodically.

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  1. I went with family, but they tend not to be too adventurous eaters so I didn't get to try anything interesting. Most of the dishes I ate weren't garlic dishes. Was hoping to get some al pastor goodness from Zaratez, but he wasn't there. As usual, I enjoyed everything from Da Ala Cart. Tried the garlic seco from Nikkei, but it wasn't very garlicky, wasn't very spicy and the flavors were kind of bland. Not very impressed. Finally got to try the adobo fried rice omelette from Elena's, but it was only rice! Had only 1 piece of pork adobo in it, what a rip-off. Good thing I added the lechon kwali to it. With that, it tasted fine. Had a plate of garlic ribs from a booth, not sure which. Might have been Isle Creations, but not sure. Fall off the bone tender, but only a slight whiff of garlic, couldn't even taste the garlic. Disappointing. After that was dessert. The gelato and sorbetto from Il Gelato was great as always, although the scoops were pretty small. Tried a couple of macarons from CakeWorks, but the meringue shell was a little gummier than I like it. Not impressed. Didn't eat it this time, but the pies from Sweet Revenge I have enjoyed before. Likewise with Soul Patrol, love their pork shank. Love the interesting flavors at Ono Pops, but skipped it this time as well. That was it for me. Wasn't that impressed foodwise this time, but if I had more adventurous dining partners, maybe the choices would have been better.