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Jul 2, 2012 01:26 AM

Munich & Budapest Recommendations Needed

Hi All,

Just arrived in Munich, here until Friday and then off to Budapest for a week.

I've read through the threads (old & new) to get ideas for food but I'd love more recommendations too.

We are not picky eaters but would prefer to stay with German/ Bavarian/Italian/Hungarian foods (if there is a must try outside that, please suggest it). I love desserts and pastries, so places for those too!

Comfortable with any price range and any place we can get to by walking/public transportation (staying just outside city center in Munich and on the popular Pest side in Budapest).

My list thus far:

Munich- Der Pschoor, Spatenhaus an der Oper, Georgenhof, Weiss Brauhaus, Austemkeller, Dellmayers

Budapest- Gerbaud, Bock Biztro, Costes, Onyx

Thank you!

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  1. Hi MissyAsh,

    My wife and I just concluded a short stay in Budapest. Our high-end meal (our 38th wedding anniversary) was at Onyx. This Michelin-starred restaurant in Pest is a small, jewel box of a place that prides itself on modern interpretations of Hungarian dishes. I just posted a review here:

    Another favorite in Pest was Borkonyha (Winekitchen). The restaurant is on a reasonably quiet side street near St. Stephen's and offers both outdoor and indoor (air conditioned!) dining. The food is wonderful (updated takes on traditional dishes using the freshest of ingredients). The selection of Hungarian wines by both the bottle and glass is well thought out.

    My wife was very happy with her spicy goat cheese with green pea shoots and radish starter. I led off with duck liver in a crispy coating with pine nuts and white balsamic. It was memorable. Veal neck with carrot puree, savoy cabbage and a tarragon jus was a special treat: light, flavorful and totally unexpected. This was perhaps my favorite dish during our stay. My wife's main was a tasty Mangalitza pork tenderloin with buttered vegetables and wild parsley. Dessert was bitter chocolate cake with caramel ice cream and Piedmont hazelnut. It was superb. Our waiter paired our plates with quality Hungarian wines.

    All-in-all this was an excellent meal in an informal setting. Staff was enthusiastic, helpful and fun to be around. They run a good shop and know it. Highly recommended.

    Edited to add: Both of these restaurants are open for lunch. In the case of Onyx, you can save a bunch. At Borkonyha you can kick back, explore a few apps and grab a glass or two of an obscure (but delicious) Hungarian wine.

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    1. re: steve h.

      Thank you, Steve. Borkonyha is definitely added to my list and your review of Onyx has only justified my desire to go there!

      Happy Anniversary to you and your wife!

    2. Was just in Munich for a few days and can suggest the following.

      Der Pschorr was okay but nothing special and comparatively expensive. The Sauerbraten was just good. Missing from your list is an afternoon trip to Andechs Monastery. The Schweinhaxe there is the best in Munich IMHO with an amazing crackling. The sides aren't that good but the pork is worth it. Great beer too and a very nice ambiance on the massive beer garden/terrace/balcony.

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      1. re: dgilks

        I cant speak to the sauerbrauten at Der Pschorr, but everything we had on two visits last year was excellent, very carefully cooked, and my husband loved the helles. Its definitely a step up from say the Weisses Brauhaus or Zum Durnbrau in range and ambiance.

        We didnt make the effort to get out of town to the more distant locations, but Id say that it would be worth it. Loved the relaxed casual eating style in Munich and the outdoor venues.

        1. re: dgilks

          Der Pschorr is our usual hangout each year during the Mineral Fair and the food is excellent... although the prices on current menus (seen online) seem to have climbed a lot on the specials (although not so much the regular menu). We haven't been to the Monastery, but also very much have enjoyed the food at Andechs am Dom, by the famous church in central Munich. The Weisses-Brauhaus is a must for the beer and if you get there before noon, for the weissewurst. Otherwise the food is just okay these days.

        2. My best memory in Budapest was a Gyro from a street vender with the paprika sauce. Its been 10 years and i still remember it

          1. MissyAsh -

            I was wondering how your dining picks in Munich turned out. Did you go to all on your original list? Any must-not-miss choices? And did you need/have reservations at most places?

            Just trying to finalize our restaurant stops for our upcoming trip to Munich.

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            1. re: mrspm

              Where did you eat in Munich? I cannot seem to find a current list of recommended places.