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Need not sweet frosting !!?? Ideas?

I am in town to visit my Mom. It is her 92nd Birthday on Tuesday. . I am making lemon cake with lemon curd filling. She doesn't like sugary frosting ( like most butter cream) and 7 minute. I need a frosting recipe. If you gave any ideas, I will be so grateful. Lee

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  1. Well, sour cream and cool whip both come to mind, but maybe as opposite ends of "the CH spectrum."

    How about a crunch-type topping? Would 92yr old teeth agree? Many cookies (Oreo and Nilla) crumble well and aren't actually that ~sweet~.

    Grated preserved lemon/rind?

    Coconut curls?

    Of course, there's what we call Korean Frosting. Makes a beautiful cake, tastes like Crisco.

    1. I dislike frosting of almost all sorts so when I bake a cake (rarely), I generally dust with a little powdered sugar and call it a day. I also like the grated or thinly sliced preserved lemon idea.

      1. I bet some lightly sweetened whipped cream would be awesome and light, especially if you're somewhere hot.

        1. A lemon cake can be beautiful with a cream cheese frosting - you can add as much or as little icing sugar as you need to get it sweet as you like, and I love to stir in about 1 tsbp of lemon juice and some zest to give it tang. Alternatively, you could just top the cake with whipped cream (I actually prefer it without sugar) and then completely festoon it with a load of mixed berries!

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            For a light cream cheese frosting, I use whipped cream cheese, folding in some Fluf (marshmallow creme) until it's the desired level of sweetness. It can be flavored with an extract or just used as is.

          2. When you say "buttercream" are you thinking about frosting made w/ butter and powdered sugar? If so, then you need a make a "real" buttercream...they kind you make w/ butter and eggwhites and just a bit of sugar. I have a sweettooth, and most many real buttercreams aren't sweet enough for me.

            Otherwise, I agree with the whipped cream suggestion. That's what my Mom requested for the last b-day cake I made her. You can sweeten it just to taste. If you are transporting it, and/or holding it for any length of time, you'll need to stabilize it somehow. see this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/809254

            1. Try this mascarpone lemon curd frosting. I could just eat it w/out the cake (ha, I honestly do make more so I can). It has the whipped cream but is stabilized by the mascarpone so it holds up. Just cut the sugar if you don't want it that sweet.


              1. Search this board for flour frosting. Itis much less sugary sweet than buttercream and many other frostings,

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                  that is exactly what I was going to say, that is the BEST frosting. My MIL taught it to me many years ago explaining that she liked it because it did not use as much sugar.

                2. Whole blackberries scattered on top with a light flurry of powdered sugar -- no icing, or a thin circle of lemon curd on top only.

                  1. What about something like apricot preserves put through the food processor with a little water to thin it out a bit

                    1. You guys are the very best helpers in the world. How can I thank you enough?? I will try the marscapone and the flour frostings maybe add the lemon juice or candied rind. I won't have many more birthdays with my Mom. I love her so much and you can't buy her anything. It is the time we take for those we love that makes our cooking special and "Love". Many thanks..