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Jul 1, 2012 10:35 PM

$14 burger at the Playground in Santa Ana

I went there once and had a couple of dishes and wasn't impressed at all, it sure felt like they were going after the dishes or style of dishes served at animal or maybe son of a gun, but watered down for oc tastes maybe, even though it's heralded as playful i would guess...

anyhow, later i learned about the burger, which some have raved about what do you guys think ???


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  1. Just tried the burger last weekend. It wasn't a bad burger but definitely not worth the $14 price tag. Didn't even come with fries. The quality of meat was pretty good but they use some sort of caramelized onion compote that was too sweet. Guess all the OC people on yelp never tried Father's Office or 26 Beach...