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Jul 1, 2012 09:01 PM

Xanthan Gum

Anyone know where I can buy this? I live in the South Bay so preferably this side of town.

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    1. re: Johnny L

      Whole Foods. Baking section or gluten free section as its often used in gf baking.

    2. Any store with a decent selection of Bob's Red Mill products. Think I got mine at Ralph's

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      1. re: RoxyGrl

        Saw some at Sprouts in Burbank last week.

      2. I think Pam MacD's gluten free stores sells it. But that is up in Burbank and not cheap. I bought some online from Ebay which was waaaaay cheaper than any store I saw it for sale.

        1. Yeah, I did see it at Sprouts here in Redondo now that I know where to look but I thought it was expensive & came in a really big bag. The couple of recipes that I have only call for 1/4 tsp or so & I just kind of wanted something new to play with so not worth the $$. I will keep looking though.

          1. Despite all the recommendations for specialty markets, I'll echo RoxyGrl's post and point out that it can be found in major markets as well. I don't know where in the South Bay you are specifically, but check your local Ralphs and Albertson's. Most have Bob's Red Mill products, including xanthan gum. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Bristol Farms are other area choices.