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Jul 1, 2012 08:12 PM

Just moved to Parkchester (The Bronx)...

...actually, I just moved to NYC in general and Parkchester in particular. I'm by Unionport Rd and E Tremont Ave, and closest to the Parkchester stop of the #6 train. I couldn't resist a one-bedroom apt I could afford without a roommate that had air conditioning! Anyway, I am working at Hunter College (68th & Lexington). I don't cook much. I'm looking for inexpensive, healthy (and/or) interesting food near home and work to frequent frequently. I am willing to try almost any kind of food. I'll happily eat vegetarian or even vegan food (though I am by no means a vegetarian). My attitude towards spice is "the more, the better". I'll try the foods of pretty much any ethnicity. I am also fond of good, simple, old-school diner-type food. Bars with good beer selections that aren't too pricey would also be appreciated greatly.

Eventually, I'll want to know about date-worthy places and such, but now I'm looking to find the places that will become my "everyday" stops. Food trucks are great as long as they aren't too overblown. Little hole in the wall places usually end up my favorites.

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  1. Taqueria Tlaxcalli and Neerob aren't far. Neerob is pretty famous

    1. Neerob!!!

      I also hear good things about Taqueria Tlaxcalli and Starling Coffee Shop (for Bangladeshi snacks:

      1. I like in Morris Park which is a neighborhood over. Morris Park has fantastic Italian. I'd recommend Patricia's on Morris Park ave for upscale Italian. They have a wood burning, brick pizza oven. They also do wonderful pasta. Also on Morris Park ave are Emilio's which has awesome specialty slices (alla vodka slice is sinful) and Captains is great American Italian family style. If you come over in person get some frozen espresso from Casa Del Cafe. The Bronx is defiantly lacking in good coffee and this Italian style espresso house is an oasis. Closer to you is Conti's bakery (on Morris Park ave but like The Golden Eagle by White Plaines Road is technically the Van Nest hood) which also does espresso and baked Italian goods. I havent been in a few years but f&j The Pine on Bronxdale is also good Italian American family style. Coals on Eastchester is supposed to be good grilled pizza but I haven't gotten there yet. I'd also recommend Sabrosura on Castle Hill Ave, it's chino-Latino (Dominican/Chinese). The Mofongo is amazing. For Mexican there's the mini-chain Estrellita Poblana in Westchester Sq. Or theres one on Westchester ave as well. Great Cemitas and the mole poblano is lovely. I second Neerob and the area around (known as banglabazaar). If you like diners check out The Golden Eagle. There's 2 on Morris Park but the closest one to you in just south of White Plaines Road. They do good gyros and classic diner fare. Theres supposed to be good Albanian Burek on Rhinelander but i havent been there yet, check serious eats if your interested. Welcome to the hood!

        Also serious eats has a Bronx Eats blog:
        Also he's since gone national on the cooking channel but Baron Ambrosia is a good introduction to the BX food scene:

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          There's supposed to be good pizza around there. Perhaps this is it?

          I will join the hordes in praise of Neerob, with the caveat that it's not for the heat or oil-phobic. I've not explored much in that area but there seems to be a lot worth exploring there.

          The pizza at Coals is good, but their sandwiches are not particularly exciting.

          1. re: rose water

            Havent ventured much into Pelham Bay yet. Morris Park has such a wide variety of good slices which are all within 2 blocks of where I live I haven't been making too many pizza odysseys since I moved here a year ago. Captains, Patricia's and Emilio's are more than enough to fulfill most pizza needs.

        2. I second Taqueria Tlaxcalli it is really good. I think that it even made it into the Michelin Guide. There is a big asian market close to the Taqueria as well. There is a an interesting Yemeni place in Van Nest next to Parkchester. There is also some good Bangladehsi in Parkchester. It is not food related, but check out the movie theatre in Parkchester. It has an amazing art Deco interior.

          1. I will try and keep you in the Parkchester vicinity as close as I can.

            Diner Food -- Ellie's Coffee Shop, 58 Metropolitan Oval
            Mexican -- Taqueria Tlaxcalli, 2103 Starling Ave
            Mexican -- Estrellita Poblana, 2231 Westchester Avenue
            Bangladeshi -- Neerob, 2109 Starling Ave
            Caribbean -- Jenny's Roti Shop, 1262 Castle Hill Ave (Doubles only for me)
            Asian store -- Chang Li Supermarket Inc, 2079 Benedict Ave

            I will add more as I find that you're venturing further out. ... HTH.