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Jul 1, 2012 07:20 PM

Where can I buy sandwich lunch meat in Long Beach??

Albertsons/Ralphs/Vons only carry really nasty, fake, overly processed lunch meat.

When I search for "deli" on places like Yelp, all I find are sandwich shops... they don't sell lunch meat.

Any ideas?? Anyone?

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  1. An Italian Deli, Santa Fe Importers, both sells deli meats and makes great sandwiches. I've only been once but had a great meatball sandwich and plan to go back soon.

    1. I would go to Angelo's Deli in Belmont Shore or The Ralphs in the Marina for Boars Head (Or French Rosemary Ham)


        1. +1 for Angelos. went for the first time last week and they have a fabulous selection of meats, including speck, which you don't see a lot.

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            For fancy meats, I like Naples Gourmet Grocer... they have items from La Quercia.... I found them much more friendly than the folks at the Whole Foods in Long Beach...