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Jul 1, 2012 07:04 PM

Need help/advice ASAP re:Seafood restaurants in Atlanta ?

Will be travelling for first time,to Atlanta w/ my adult daughter,arrive on Sunday 7/8
and depart on Saurday 7/14.

Looking for some outstanding seafood restos,not 'joints/crab shacks'etc.........nice ambience,
good selection of different fresh fish entrees.Not too concerned with cost.

If this will help,we will have a rental car but don't want to drive more than 10-15 mins. from where we're staying.

First 3 nights(Sun-Mon-Tues)we'll be at the Hyatt Place Hotel on Crestline Pkwy....I think the
area is referred to as either "Dunwoody" or "Sandy Springs"? Not sure?

Last 3 nights (Weds-Thurs-Fri)we'll be staying at a friend's house on Moreland Place,I believe
that is in East Atlanta?

Can any of you ATL chowhounds help me out please,for some wonderful dining experiences?

OH....and of course,the resto MUST be air-conditioned ! Hah!.....I see y'all are already in the
high 90's down there !!!

Anxiously awaiting some good recommendations!
Many,many thanks for any info.

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  1. i live in sandy springs and also luv seafood--my first suggestion is a Cuban place

    its maybe 15 minutes from where you are--casual spot-- they have incredible chilean sea bass, served with shrimp and a very good sauce--alongwith black beans and rice--get the plantain chip appetizer==also have a whole red snapper which is very good then severalother fish dishes.

    My othef suggestion is McKendricks near the Mall --a little more formall--if you go get the lobster mashed potatoes as a veggie ask for Taco as your waiter/Theres a small country French spot on Roswell Rd,again 15 minutes away called La Petite Maison thats very good, great wines by glass, and usually have several fish entrees
    there are several decent chain places near y0u as well, Chequers,Goldfish,and McCormick and Schmicks--tha Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead is very good,Of all the ones i mentioned though Id go for the Cuban--its owned by a Cuban guy who esacped Cuba ona raft--real authentic

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    1. re: bobstripower

      Thank you bobstripower.......lots of choices and info.Will start researching now and am def.
      interested in the Cuban place.

      1. re: grangie angie

        They open at 6. Have music some nights. Have terrific home made sangria