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Jul 1, 2012 06:08 PM

Live Frog Sashimi!

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  1. Ohhh...that was SO much worse then a live lobster sashimi my Mother had years ago! I COULD NOT do this.

    1. Where's the 'heart'??!!
      Around 30 years ago, on business trip to Japan, one of my client took us to a 'high class' place whence the chef did the same 'dissection' in front of us. However, the first course was the 'live beating heart' served on a shiso leaf!! To eat or not to eat?! That was the question!!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        So did you eat the "beating" heart??

        Eaten live lobster, shrimp and "quivering" fish also in Japan but never had a post-dissection frog heart!!
        Hmmm...what would I do ?

        1. re: dcArtisan

          Doing business in Japan. Worst thing is to offend the host and show disrespect for his hospitality. So just followed him and eat. Actually, not too bad. Chewy not fishy at all. The soya sauce and wasabi masked almost everything anyways! Better than cobra gall bladder in Chinese wine!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            But if the chef provided so much soy sauce & wasabi that it masked the flavor of the fish (frog), then this chef/host was just trying to be spectacular/eccentric without any knowledge of the art of sushi. This was not true sushi, & a sad, sad, end for a frog.

            I wouldn't have had any problem showing "disrespect" for my host, as he obviously had no respect for the art of sushi.

      2. Um...yeah, may taste wonderful, but watching that video, eating vegan began to sound like an option. The frog was alive. It had a central nervous system, and was undoubtedly in pain while being "prepared" for consumption. And unless I'm terribly mistaken, frogs are not fish; they're amphibians.

        Ukk. I dunno. I loved sushi with a mad passion, but between seeing things like this and wondering what radioactive or oil/BP-treated water the fish lived in, I've not been to a sushi bar in quite some time. There are a few here in Los Angeles that I'd still trust because of the skill of their sushi chefs in getting their fish, but I can't afford to eat there more than a few times a year. I wouldn't go to the places I used to go for inexpensive sushi any more.

        And I'd never, ever, eat something that was blinking at me in its death throes. To each their own, though, I guess.

        1. Heh. Google "dancing prawns." Or search "live octopus" on YouTube.

          1. WOW…..just F’ing WOW………I’m about as far from a food prude as you can get. I love steak….I love bacon…..I love all things meat. I have been to slaughter houses I know everything that goes into providing me with the tenderest marbled meat available. I know where veal comes from and ohhhhh do I love milk fed veal.

            But do I want to eat my steak at a table inside the slaughter house or to pet the baby calf as they filet his legs? F’ NO !!!!!!!!!

            I know full well the horrors that go into providing us with our food supply however I don’t need my meal blinking at me as I eat it. Uggghhhhhhhhhhh I’m having tofu for lunch!!!