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New site design


I do not like the new design at all. My favorite board is the General Chowhound forum and it is several mouse clicks away. I much prefer the setup where the majority of the boards are
immediately visible at the top of the page and you don't have to hunt for them. Why was such a change deemed desirable?

  1. I find it particularly annoying that I have to figure out how to find my saved boards, which were always evident until this new site iteration. What are the goals of the changes? They are not evident to me, but perhaps if you explicate, I can make better use of the site.

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    1. re: mrsdebdav

      Your saved boards are now in the dropdown menu at the top of every page. If you hover over "Chowhound Discussions," your saved boards will appear beneath it. They're still just a single click away.

      If you want to add to your list of Saved Boards, you can use the star next to the board name. For example, on this page, you will see a star next to "Site Talk" - if it's gray, then you can click to it add Site Talk to your saved boards. If it's yellow, it means this is already one of your saved boards.

      Hope this helps!

      1. re: Dave MP

        Dave, this only works for the first eight Saved Boards - anything else involves additional clicks to reach. Because we cannot sort the "Saved Boards" by anything other than alphabetical order, that means boards that I've saved but don't access every single time I'm on the site may appear on the "Saved Board" list but the link to the Boards that I regularly used to access are now more than a click away.

    2. Me too. Why do you people at Chowhound keep messing with the design of the board. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

      1. Add me to the list of those that don't care for the new design. I definitely find myself viewing fewer areas of the site, too many clicks, too much hassle.

        1. Agreed. Not better or improved.

          1. Don't like. Too hard to find the board you want to read.

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            1. re: JuniorBalloon

              Way, way, way too difficult. Takes forever to bounce around boards. Poor choice.

            2. Agreed. It now takes me more clicks to get where I want to go, and the look of the new menu is less appealing to me than the old one was. I really can't understand why this change was considered either necessary or desirable.

              1. Did Chow hire a bunch of Microsoft programmers? Changing the interface that worked fine, making it more complicated and taking more steps to what used to be accomplished in one or two.

                Add my vote to the "new ain't necessarily improved" crowd.

                1. Agree. I don't know what the %s are for other users, but I always begin at my own profile page to see what topics I've already posted to have had new posts. That seems logical as a bookmarked page...... at least to me. All of a sudden I now have to open a topic to get to the new "Saved Boards" drop-down. Is that menu a big thing to have on the profile "My Recent Threads" page......or is there something simpler I'm missing?

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                  1. re: Midlife

                    The My Saved Boards drop down menu still appears when I go to my own profile page. Is it not there for you?

                    1. re: LNG212

                      Oooops! Checked and it's way up at the top of the page on my profile page. Not in the same position as on a topic page. Or................. it just moved there now ;o]]]]] THANKS.

                  2. It's been said before but I'll say it again. The CHOWHOUND drop-down menu is inadequate. It lists only 9 of the discussion groups out of more than 75, and the odds are strongly against any of the 9 being what the user actually wants to see. So we have to go through an extra step, clicking on All, before we can begin to find what we're looking for.

                    If 75 options are too many for the drop-down menu, it should include many more than it does - the way the old Discussions menu used to do - before requiring the user to click All. And a multicolumn horizontal layout, again like the old design, will put more choices on the screen without the user having to scroll down as he now must.

                    As my old boss used to say when somebody brought him unsatisfactory work, it's OK to do over.

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                    1. re: John Francis

                      You can customize the boards that appear in your Saved Boards dropdown. See http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8540... for more info

                    2. how does one reply using and iphone?
                      when using it last night and this morning there was no reply word anywhere. am I missing it somewhere since I'm on it much more frequently than I am on this lap top. TIA

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                      1. re: iL Divo

                        Just tap on the post that you want to reply to and an arrow will appear.

                        1. re: donovt

                          ur duh bom donovt~ thanks

                          1. re: donovt

                            But why make the change? It doesnt make it easier to read? Its just a programming gimic. If you are making things LESS intuitive, then you are going backwards.

                            1. re: cwdonald

                              No idea. I never said it was a good change, was just answering a question.

                        2. I suppose I will get used to the new design however my biggest issue is the font size. I prefer to view lots of thread titles at the board summary level rather than fewer gigantic ones.

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                          1. re: tcamp

                            I completely agree, I can probably get used to the other changes, but the large font & having to view several pages, instead of quickly skimming topics, is a deal breaker. I will probably spend less time on here unless that is changed.

                          2. Folks, this thread isn't about the recent changes, so we're going to lock it to keep it from confusing people.