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Jul 1, 2012 04:49 PM

Italian Pastries in Moorpark

Carrara Pastries ,Moorpark,Ca on LA Ave. Very small shop featuring Fine Italian Pastries in a strip mall
on LA Ave. Dropped in today for first time and while not expecting much was very surprised at the
quality. The owner is from Lucca Italy and obviously is a very skilled baker. We bought the Cannoli and
Sfogliatelle which is the best we've had on the West Coast. Yes we have been to Eagle Rock Bakery.

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  1. ED-thanks for the rec. Do they have any breads or rolls? I am stunned that a a bakery other than a supermarket bakery exists in Moorpark.

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      Smiling Ed. THANK YOU. I am smiling as well now. The wife and I were in the area (at a phenominal Smart and Final I might ad) and decided to check it out.

      Sitting in a small strip mall lies this wonderful Italian bakery. Apparently people knew about it, heck there was even a line. There really aren't a lot of offerings compared to any bakery you would go to but the quality is superb. I got there at 11am and they bake all day so maybe they had a more to offer but with people waiting I didn't ask the owners about that. They had a nice choice of different Italian cakes that rivaled the best I have seen. The cakes come in four sizes starting at $18.00 up to $30.00. The extra large cakes are made to order. In the case were small bites ($1.50) and single servings ($3.50) of different items like tiramisu and profiteroles, cannoli, sugared puffs that are light as air filled with very high quality creme filling. They had one table inside where you can sit and eat whatever you like along with the almost required cappucino, latte, or espresso. The owners are very inviting and will talk to you about their products even with people waiting to order. In this area that has been equated with a culinary wasteland of chain restaurants this is a true gem. If they were on Ventura Blvd they would be serious competition for any bakery including Portos and they would be swamped. The business is very new and I cannot wait to see how far they go.

      To answer myself from the previous post- they have no bread but I did see croissants now that I think of it. (across LA Ave from Carls Jr)