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Jul 1, 2012 03:37 PM

Just Bowls - Marketplace Matawan NJ

Driving by the other day, I saw a coming soon sign for Just Bowls - Pasta, Salad, Stir-fry in the marketplace shopping center on 34 and Disbrow. (across from NY Sports Club, in with Retro and The Dress Barn).

Anyone hear anything about it?

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  1. opening tomorrow AUG.1


      1. It is a healthy quick-service restaurant in that the salads, stir fry, and pastas are made to order with no microwaves involved. It is open kitchen so you can actually watch your meal being made.

        1. I was there for a food tasting the day before opening. EVERYTHING my husband and I tasted was delicious!!! Organic Meats were tender, moist and flavorful! The brown rice done to perfection! Had a delicious vegetable dumpling resting on a nice sauce.

          The owner is really putting his heart into his cooking. He said he is cooking what he enjoys and it shows. I wish them MUCH success!!!!

          1. Went to Just Bowls tonight for dinner, and it was great! The food was so fresh and healthy. We got a chance to talk to the owner, and he said they make all their sauces and dressings homemade. You can really tell, as everything is so flavorful. You have to try the black bean dumplings- so good!
            They also make their own lemonades and iced teas which were really yummy. I had the lemon chicken stirfry which was full of fresh veggies (not frozen!) and some brown rice. They certainly don't skimp on the portion sizes.