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Jul 1, 2012 02:47 PM

Birthday Dinner in Queens

My niece has invited me to a post birthday dinner for next Wednesday.
She will be working in Flushing part of the day. I work in Manhattan and live in Forest Hills.
I don't kniw so many Queens restaurants. Was just reading about Danny Brown, know of Sripaphai. Have not been to either.
We do have a lot of flexibity because we can definitely drive to anothet neighborhood, which I normally don't do.
Just looking for someplace with good food, fun or interesting atmosphere, maybe a little special.
All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. srip is closed on wednesdays so that's out--this is a very general question, good is relative to what you want and how much you want to spend--danny brown tries to be like a manhattan restaurant, food is ok, but it's pricey and desserts are nothing much and $9 each --atmosphere is ok, a bit cold, and tables a bit close. Wafa's is very good Lebanese food, simple plain atmosphere, but good food and portion and decent prices. You can bring your own liquor if you want to Wafa's. It's been talked about a lot on the board so do a search for it. If she's in Flushing and you're coming from manhattan why not just meet in Flushing for dinner...tons of choices there, just depends what you want and how adventurous you are. Try to be a bit more specific to cuisine, and cost, and neigbohorhood..also, seems like you would want a place with exceptional dessert if it's a birthday dinner...

    1. Thank you, Janie. Yes, I have been to Wafa's and,enjoyed it a lot.
      It turned out this evening that my niece suggested that we do eat in Flushing, at Mudan (or Mulan). I did read some older comments here on the board.
      Does anyone have more recent experience , suggested dishes or avoids?
      She suggested that we then go to the tea house below.

      1. Mulan has an OK food, and it's somewhat fusion-y (in a good way). It positions itself as a trendy spot: it has a decent ambiance, a dessert selection, and a full bar. I haven't tried many dishes there but I liked their Beijing duck, which you need to order a couple days in advance (just make sure you ask for the whole BD meal --3 dishes).

        1. Ayada, Nusara, Chao Thai,.... all wonderful Thai and worth the trip.
          Uncle Zhou, Spicy and Tasty if you fancy wonderful Chinese.
          If you are hankering for a steak, I love La Fusta, Jackson Heights (Argentine)
          Lots of choices..

          1. Thank you so much, chasamark. These restaurants sound so good and I am happy to know about them for the future. My niece has chosen Mulan for our dinner Wednesday, followed by tea at the Rose House, so I would love to hear about any more suggested dishes or avoids there.

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              At Mulan I recommend the Peking duck, Long Jing sea bass, walnut shrimp, yellow eel with chives and stir fried pea shoots.

              At Rose Tea house I would stick to beverages as the snacks and pastries are a bit lackluster.