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Jul 1, 2012 02:36 PM

Leftover yogurt marinade from Tandoori--usable?

I'm using an Epicurious recipe for Tandoori chicken which has the thighs marinating for a day in two cups of yogurt with Indian seasonings, a bit of citrus juice (i used lime) and some salt. My yogurt is whole milk Greek yogurt, thinned a bit with some water.

Seems a shame to toss out all that yogurt mixture when grilling the chicken. Wouldn't it be useful for some sauce application, or is there some health or other issue involved?

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  1. Not as long as you cook it. I have a recipe for a dry lamb curry that marinates in a yoghurt, spices,mint, cilantro chili and lemon marinade. Then the meat is fried a bit and the marinade added back in along with very darkly fried onions and simmered till the yogurt is completely absorbed/ reduced.The results are pretty amazing and delicious.
    I am sure that you could produce a lovely sauce with a similar method, just not as reduced.

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      Yum! I certainly would appreciate the recipe. Sounds like just the thing to do with a Costco boneless leg.

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        It is a recipe from my friend' Ruta Kahate's "5 Spices 50 dishes"book. Here is a link to the google copy of the recipe. If you like it please consider buying the book. Support your cooking community ( - :

    2. You have to cook it -- the possibility of foodborne illness resulting from the raw chicken is too high otherwise.

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        Oh, yes, of course I'd only consider it cooked to fend off bacteria. But you're right to mention it: it's best to play it safe when the OP leaves room to wonder.

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          Hey -- after the four hundredth "I've left raw chicken in the car in 90-degree weather for three days, and then I dropped a piece of raw pork on it that was starting to smell funny -- I wiped off the orange slimy mold with a dirty dishcloth, then forgot it on the counter overnight -- do you suppose it's still safe to eat?" can never be too sure!


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            That made me laugh so hard, sunshine!