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Jul 1, 2012 01:09 PM

Grapefruit zest in lieu of lemon zest?

I was about to make some shortbread raspberry tarts when I discovered I'm out of lemons! The filling calls for lemon zest. I do have grapefruit on hand -- would grapefruit zest be an acceptable substitute or would it be too bitter, perhaps? I'm guessing it's safe but just thought I'd check in case there's something I'm overlooking.

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  1. I wouldn't try substituting lemon zest with grapefruit. The flavors are distinctly different and, while I don't know of any danger using grapefruit zest, I simply wouldn't recommend it for the use you describe. It works well with some seafood dishes though so keep it in mind for a shrimp or scallop recipe.

    1. Sure, but you would have Grapefruit flavored instead of Lemon.

      1. I'd leave it out, too. Add more vanilla extract, or if you want a different flavor, maybe a tiny bit of almond extract.

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          Mmm, I may try with almond extract some other time!

        2. I like tartness against sweet and I think it would be really good, though different.

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          1. re: magiesmom

            The zest does not really add any acid (tartness) at all.

          2. Well, I should've been more patient. I went ahead with it before reading your warnings. Hopefully, it'll turn out ok -- will report back!