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Jul 1, 2012 12:57 PM

cocktail for 2012 olympics opening ceremonies

We're having a group of friends over to watch the summer olympic opening ceremonies. We'll have various British dishes, of course. I was planning on just serving Pim's and setting out various gins and tonic waters for folks to make a g&t with, but started wondering if there is another quintessentially British cocktail I could offer. Any ideas?

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  1. PImm's Cup would be the most obvious if you have Pimm's. You can mix the Pimm's with either lemon soda (British lemonade, something like Pellegrino Limonata) or homemade style with lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda water.

    Other choices would be the Tom Collins (some claim it was created in England, but either way it is a good summer drink), PInk Gin, or Navy Grog. To do a play on the original grog, you could either serve the Tiki version (clearly American, but also very tasty), or something like a Daiquiri or Rum Rickey.

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      Don't forget to garnish your Pimm's with a piece of orange and a slice of cucumber. Other possibilities would include a brandy/champagne cocktail, scotch and orange or (veering away from spirits) a ginger beer shandy.

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        ginger beer shandy sounds so, so disgusting. What kind of beer would you use for that?

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          Either bitter or lager. You'd probably prefer lager. Also, remember that ginger beer is NOT the same as ginger ale.

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            Ginger beer shandy! Now, that is a flashback to my childhood. I can't think of ginger beer these days without craving a dark and stormy. Yum.

    2. For those looking for something a bit lighter (and more volume) instead of Beer (any UK Beer you get in the US is a distant second cousin to the stuff in the UK), see if you can get one of the Hard Cider Brands. Even a Dry US Brand could do. And it is much more likely that sporting Fans will be drinking Cider or Lager in the UK than Pimms (Unless, of course, it's Henley)

      OH.and for appetizers.......sausage rolls would hit the spot to go with it. Some places here sell true UK sausage rolls..........but they aren't really to American tastes. Sausages wrapped in Crescent Rolls should sufficefor the ambience

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        Thanks, everyone for the excellent suggestions. We will add cider to the beer, G&T and Pim's Cup we were already planning on serving. And kagemusha49, I am going to defend your shandy idea. I had that exact drink you describe many years ago and enjoyed it.

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          In the FWIW Dept., it's "PimM's" -- two "m"'s.

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            Ah, yes. Thanks. Cellphone typing is not my forte.