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Great find in Orland

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We travel from San Francisco to Redding or Dunsmuir a few times a year and I am always totally unimpressed with the lunch possibilities going through the valley. We used to go to Granzella's only because it was convenient, but the food was usually mediocre at best. This last time we came across the Farwood Grill in Orland. The food was excellent, and they have a very good local wine list. The restaurant used to be a gentlemen's club in the old days and the furnishings are very nice. The people are very friendly and helpful. I had a prime rib dip with caramelized onions and a blue cheese aoli that was fantastic, and worked well with a red blend from a local winery. Finally, some decent food in the valley.

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  1. since the 'places' feature is NO MORE, it would be helpful to post address, times, phone, etc. is this is downtown Orland?

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      Yes it is in downtown Orland. Here is the website that should give you all the info:


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          For years, downtown Orland has been trying to make something of itself. I'm glad to see they've finally got a Chowhound-worthy restaurant.

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            ...don't miss the orchardist's salvage store about a block away.