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Jul 1, 2012 12:37 PM

Kale Salad on Whole Food's Salad Bar

I love this! I've tried to make kale salad at home but the texture of the kale is always so tough. This tastes like it may be pickled or something to break it down a bit. The salad has dried cranberries,almonds and possibly dried apple. It is spicy and I can't identify the ingredient they use.

Has anyone on here had this and if so, do you know how they make it? Thanks

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  1. there's a version at central market that i love, sounds similar. i would bet that they blanch it, then plunge in cold water to retain the color/stop cooking process.

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    1. Have you tried massaging it? It sounds weird, but it works to tenderize and season kale.

      Wash and dry the kale, then add a good pinch of salt and a little bit of the oil you're going to use in the salad.

      Using your hands, massage - squish and knead - the kale for two or three minutes. Then let it sit for a few minutes.

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        ^--- What chrischris said. I tried to make a raw kale salad and it wasn't nearly as good as the Whole Foods raw bar kale salad. The person at the downtown Whole Foods raw bar told me last year that the secret is they MASSAGE lemon juice into their kale salad.

        NirvRush>> there's a version at central market that i love,

        Yes. That one is my fave too. I was at the Whole Foods deli counter asking them for that kale salad ( What does CM call it? It has a sweeter dressing than the WF kale salad), but they said they had never made it. I was skeptical till I saw it at Central Market and realized it was a CM kale salad, not WF.

        If you & family can definitely consume it all in same day, the Whole Foods raw bar avocado kale salad is yummy. Gotta eat it same day though.

        A guy at the gym told me that there are health benefits to quickly sauteing spinach before eating it. I don't recall the logic behind that, but I wonder if the same logic would hold true for kale.

      2. This is a very successful one:

        If you google kale salad, you will come up with some variations.

        1. I just wanted to update that I found this dressing bottled at my local Whole Foods in the produce section with other store-made dressings.