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Jul 1, 2012 12:23 PM

Super HEB dropped natural or prime beef in T Bones and Porterhouses??

For several years I have gone out of my way to shop at the Super HEB on Hwy 79 in Round Rock because the meat department would always cut me an extra think natural or prime porterhouse. Today I stopped in and was told that they no longer carry Natural or Prime in t bones or porterhouse, only grade select. I asked to speak to Tim, the meat manager, and he confirmed that they no longer carried a decent grade of beef in those cuts. Why would anyone want a porterhouse in grade select?

Other than drive to Whole Foods or Central Market ( a min of 16 miles), my only option is to buy Angus beef at Randalls.

Have all HEBs dropped natural or Prime in t bones and porterhouses?

Are there any other options in Round Rock?

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  1. they have prime and chjoice in the gtown location ,

    1. How about the Sprouts on 620 and I-35?

      Or the big HEB near the RR Hospital on 620?

      1. They had prime tbones at the Leander HEB this last weekend.

        1. Costco might have it. They often have prime in various cuts.

          1. Sent a letter to HEB and got a call yesterday from Tim. He reconsidered and ordered Prime for TBones and Porterhouses. That's another example of why I love HEB!