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Jul 1, 2012 12:00 PM

Palermo -- one day and one night -- cheap and good dinner?

Hi there!

My boyfriend and I have one night and one day in Palermo. We are staying in a B&B in the quarter of Kalsa
(Address: Vicolo San Carlo, 8
90133 Palermo
091 617 6904)

I see alot of recommendations for Antica Focacceria but it looks like it might be quite touristy. Any recommendations for super authentic, low-key (we prefer restaurants that looks messy and like someone's kitchen) food?

Where would you eat if you only had one night and one day in Palermo?

Any suggestions are super appreciated!

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  1. zia pina - via argenteria - should fit the bill - no frills, real sicilian food, real sicilian people

    1. Seconding Zia Pino in the market. You can't get much lower key than that. Or more delicious. I wanted to get to the famous Sant'Andrea in the Vucciria market, but didn't make it. But I've heard only wonderful things about it.

      1. Antica Focacceria is disgusting, to use the technical term. zia pina is indeed awesome. sant'andrea is super expensive and a let down. it is also not in the vucciria market, but due north. trattoria piccolo napoli (weird name I know) is always great.


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          Great, thank you Katie!

          So you think Piccolo Napoli is the place to go for our dinner? Do you know if they have places to sit aside?

          Thank you!

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            defintely piccolo napoli for dinner. be sure to book ahead. don't think there is outdoor seating but it if they do it will wreak of grilled intestines from the nearby food stalls;)