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Apr 26, 2004 07:56 PM

Cheese stores in San Diego/Del Mar

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For all of you who may not know of the existence of these great cheese stores . . . and who love cheese . . . don't miss Aniata Cheese Company in the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar and the Venissimo Cheese store at 754 West Washington. I just moved here and that is one of the first things I look for . . . and there they are! They are both awesome and worth a trip to!

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  1. I've posted about Aniata several months ago, and it awesome. It's worth the drive, but I wouldn't do it in traffic :-). Their selection is small but very well choosen, including a nice variety of regional artisinal cheese. If you're into cheese, you should definitely make the trek to Del Mar

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      Gayla . . . have you been yet to Venissimo? I know pmchile has and likes it. I love how both of the stores put on their receipt the name of the cheese you bought, what it is made of (i.e. cow milk) and what to drink with it! Great idea.

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      San Diego de la Veggie

      Never been to the Del Mar shop, but Venissimo in Mission Hills is fantastic. They gladly give out samples of this and that to help you decide. They also carry great fresh bread from "Bread on Market" downtown.

      They are having a wine-and-cheese tasting -- their first, I believe -- this Thursday night. "Wine Steals" will be providing the vino.

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        We are fortunate to have two great cheese stores in the greater San Diego area . . . If you like cheese, do go to The Aniata Cheese Company also. They are both a little different, both have great owners, and great cheese, bread, etc. Maybe see you at Venissimo Thursday! If not, bon appetit!

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          EDIT: whoops, didn't see the date...

      2. (Not so recent) newcomer TASTE Cheese (on University Ave. in Hillcrest next to Wine Steals) is awesome. Proprietors George and Mary Palmer are uber-cheese geeks.

        They have classes to introduce regional cheeses and drink pairings (even wine and beer classes!) and will offer you samples of just about anything in the store.

        1. We just went to Aniata for the first time yesterday. Oh so good.

          1. I like both Taste and Venissimo, but am partial to the later. They seem to have a little more variety and cut tasters for everyone in the store. I like the info on the receipts too, very helpful.