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Jul 1, 2012 11:04 AM

Best Peruvian Chicken/Pollo Alla Brasa in Brooklyn?

Hi everyone. My wife and I are moving from Baltimore to Carroll Gardens and will be sorely missing our favorite little Peruvian chicken joint.

There seems to be a lot of good options up in Queens - are there any good places for Peruvian Chicken in Brooklyn? We'll have a car, so it doesn't necessarily have to be right on the train.


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  1. Coco Roco is on Smith St very near you but they are very uneven and my last meal there (actually at their other one in Park Slope) was ehh. Check which lists 15 Peruvian places in Bklyn, most of which I haven't tried. Given the neighborhood, I'd guess that the ones on 4th and 5th Ave in the 40s might be good. Welcome to Brooklyn.

    1. there is a place down on 5th ave in the 40s (or possibly low 50s) that i tried one, it was newer with flashier marketing materials than many of the places down that way - and the guy working there seemed really interested in the business, which was nice. the chicken i got was fine, not go-a-long-way-out-of-your-way for.

      we tend to get delivery from El Pollo on 5th ave, which might deliver to you depending on what part of carrol gardens youre in (i realize now you didnt say you were looking for delivery, but thats just how i think of the place since we always get it delivered). its always a surprise if theyll have red beans or black, but the chicken is consistently good and the green adn white sauces are crack-like.

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        El Pollo just went out of business unfortunately. It's not chicken but if you are interested in Peruvian food I recommend Surfish on 5th ave. in Park Slope. Creative, very fresh seafood dishes.

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            I love Surfish. They have a good chicken dish on the menu, but it's not the rotisserie Peruvian chicken I assume was the subject of the original query. Highly recommend it--great quality, friendly service and gentle pricing.

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            Thanks everyone! I'm excited to hear that there are a few good potential options out there. Looking forward to trying them all when we get to town next month!