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Jul 1, 2012 10:15 AM

Looking For Marinated Tofu/Vegetarian Duck/Vegetarian Goose With Silky White Interior

Since the English names for hard, cold pressed tofu dishes vary all over the board I hope I'm adequately explaining what I'm looking for. This is the cold dish with the thin dark brown skin with an interior of seasoned, usually light brownish seasoned pressed tofu, sliced up into little pieces. My favorite version is where the pressed tofu is smooth and white, but still seasoned, almost indistinguishable in texture from egg white. Strangely I have only found this variation in Flushing, and not locally. Any SGV leads for this item would be appreciated.

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  1. I think Fine Garden has something close to what you are looking for.

    Is the picture close to what you have in mind?

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