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Jul 1, 2012 09:45 AM

Jincheng for Sichuan food

Three visits to this the newest Sichuan restaurant on Dresden Row in Halifax and every meal has been stellar. This is authentic Sichuan food. Cumin lamb was incredible and the portion of lamb extremely generous, crispy on the outside yet moist, cumin chicken legs appetizer wow, dry-fried chili chicken spectacular - mountains of dried chilis but the dish isn't extremely hot, crispy shell-on shrimp with rice cakes seismic. Sichuan pickles - a beautiful appetizer, boy is it hot and I can take it as hot as they can make it - that one left me teary-eyed. One dish is plenty for two if you order rice as well. Beat a track to this restaurant if authentic is your bag. Highest marks!

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  1. Looks good. Will have to try

    1. Excited to try this! Do you know of any places in Halifax that serve real Cantonese style food?

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      1. re: existential_crisis

        Sort of off my radar for quite some time but I too would be interested to hear of any.

        New Asia on Hollis owners are from Guangdong so might be a start.

        Any Cantonese dishes in particular?

        1. re: chilibeanpaste

          I will try to remember my favourites from Calgary:
          -dry beef chow fun
          -sauteed snow pea leaves with garlic
          -gai-lan (kai-lan), any way
          -stewed beef brisket (with gravy) and noodles
          -Cantonese chow mein (crispy noodles)
          -fried rice that is not brown from soy sauce
          -steamed chicken
          -soy sauce chicken
          -BBQ duck
          -Chinese sausage...
          -salt and pepper squid
          -crispy fried chicken
          -fish balls
          -fish maw soup
          -chicken feet

          Also... dim sum, hot pot, or hong kong style cafeteria food (the latter item is doubtful)

          1. re: existential_crisis

            Wow, salt and pepper squid. Had it first in Portland, Oregon, friends took us to the restaurant and now no one can remember the restaurant's name or the squid except us, Try 9+Nine for it and if you speak to the cook ahead of time he can make most of these dishes for you.

            re: fried rice Always order Yang Chow fried rice, it's sans soy sauce. Most restaurants will charge you premium price. Seems here maybe you have to tell them no soy. if you want a plainer and/or cheaper version.

            Wish we could get chow fun here. Sometimes they have it fresh at Cao Ho on Queen but it sells out fast, usually the same day, Tian Phat brings it in but they freeze and thereby destroy it. Tried to tell the owner that and a customer alongside chimed in in agreement but they'd hear none of it.

            Good hotpots in winter at New Asia on Hollis. You have to reserve ahead. The shaved lamb is A1 but the shrimp balls option are packaged and goopy.The Sichuan broth is the one to go with or you can get a split pot with both plain and Sichuan stocks.