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Jul 1, 2012 09:37 AM

Mama Mary's Soul Food

I work in the city, and have heard decent reviews for Mama Mary's in New Haven, CT. Went there today and got a bbq chopped pork sandwich and potato salad. TERRIBLE. The pork, while decently cooked tasted like it came out of crock pot, with no seasoning or flavors. It wasn't smoked, and it didn't have any bbq sauce--what nerve they have to call this bbq. STICK SOME GARLIC IN THERE at least, Mary. The only flavoring I had was the obligatory hot sauce that I had to put on because it was so BLAND. The potato salad was similar--egg and potato with vinegar and green relish--hardly tastes like anything at all. 1/5 stars--if it wasn't for the nice service I'd give it zero/5. I can make better pork in my Dutch Oven at home

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  1. Might I add, I really wanted to like this place too....:(