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Jul 1, 2012 09:30 AM


Hello all—I live in Atlanta and will be visiting Seattle for 2 dinners later this month (late Sunday arrival and Monday night). My wife doesn’t eat meat, and we’re OD’d on Italian and French. We love seafood. We’ll be staying downtown, and will use taxis as required. We prefer to dine at unique restaurants, providing excellent service, and very good + quality on food, presentation, etc. (We only have two nights so I figure we should make it special). So far, I have narrowed it down to Crush for Sunday, and Canlis for Monday. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated. I will provide feedback on my final selections and experiences. Thank you all!! ATLfoodie

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  1. I'm in the minority on this board, but I don't find Crush memorable. Overpriced it is though. You can get much better food and service at Walrus and Carpenter, Staple & Fancy, Book Bindery and other places. For views and okay seafood try Palisades or Ray's Boathouse.

    Report back and enjoy our city!

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      thanks firecracker....I will check out those restaurants too. View is not important, and I do not want just "okay" seafood.

      1. re: atlfoodie

        We actually found the service at Walrus & Carpenter to be only fair and be aware that they don't take reservations - our wait on a Sunday ran almost 2 hours.

        1. re: FoodDee

          Thanks! That combination would eliminate Walrus.

          1. re: FoodDee

            The waits can be long at W&C unless you get there at opening, Atlfoodie and his wife are coming in from Atlanta so being there at opening may fit right in with the three hour time difference between our two cities. They may be ready to eat at a time we consider early.

            1. re: firecracker

              Actually it says that they are coming in late on Sunday - which could actually work out better. That said, we still were underimpressed with the service and found the food a bit hit and miss.

              1. re: FoodDee

                Or Monday when there is no farmers market, and if they can get there early, before 9-5'ers are getting off and going out.

      2. canlis has been living on its reputation for years; i had a miserable timewith both food and service at my last visit (emphasize LAST!) and will not return. the best seafood downtown is unquestionably blueacre (7th/olive) although i have found ray's much better than 'OK". perhaps you might consider a trip to the international district (our 'chinatown") and something from the live tanks at either sea garden (7th/king) or ho ho (6th/walter), both of which i've enjoyed on past visits. i also like taking friends to sitka & spruce (melrose market) especially with taylor shellfish right next door.

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        1. re: howard 1st

          howard 1st-thanks. Sunday day of arrival would call for a downtown area restaurant around 8-8:30. I like your idea about the chines fish tanks. We've enjoyed that in China and elsewhere, so why not in Seattle? I'll look up your recommendations too, in addition to firecracker's.

        2. Firecracker & howard 1st: Thanks for sharing. I've researched various places all afternoon, and this is my final list (still need to select only TWO restaurants...tough to do among so many great ones). So far, I like: Book Bindery, Sitka & Spruce, Seastar, Poppy. Also considering AQUA el Gaucho, along with my initial Crush and Canliss.

          Any further comments from the community is appreciated. Thanks!!

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          1. re: atlfoodie

            How about Terra Plata or Harvest Vine?

          2. Thanks to all who contributed. I value your perspectives. After researching I've decided on Seastar for Sunday, and either Book Bindery or Poppy for Monday. I'll let you all know my thoughts after my visit. Thanks!!!atlfoodie

            1. Hi- Note: I am not from Seattle but my office is there and I visit a lot. I also don't eat meat and am a seafood fanatic. Last time I was there I had the salt and pepper dungeness crab at the Flying Fish and I can promise you that I will not come back to Seattle without getting this each and every time!

              Oysters were amazing here as well. As a seafood lover I really loved this stop.

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              1. re: BellaBoston

                BellaBoston, Thanks for your recommendation!! Looks like a solid contender for lunch, as it's just outside the downtown area, and we have our two nights for dinner already locked in.

                1. re: atlfoodie

                  You might want to check to make sure that Poppy is actually serving their normal food on Mondays. I know they were doing an Indian "pop-up" night on Mondays a few months ago.

                  1. re: sirsnacksalot

                    sirsnacksalot, thanks for the heads ups. I called Poppy, and they confirmed that they stopped that indian pop-up a few months ago. Thanks!!

                2. re: BellaBoston

                  +1 on Flying Fish recco - would be a great lunch stop. Christine Keff, the owner, has very good suppliers and her seafood is top notch!

                  1. re: gingershelley

                    Gingershelley, thank you for confirming my decision to go to Flying fish for lunch. Sounds like we'll have some great food in Seattle. Will keep you all posted on my return to Atlanta.