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Jul 1, 2012 09:18 AM

Seeking a (reasonably) quiet place for an after-work drink

I'm coming back to visit my home town of Philadelphia after MANY years away, and will be meeting up with some friends for drinks and appetizers on July 11. We have tentative plans to go to, but I am concerned that it might be too noisy for conversation. Any other ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Are you just having drinks or are you dining as well? What time are you meeting?

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      We are meeting at 7 PM for drinks and appetizers. Not sure if we will be having a proper dinner.

    2. is pretty small and the tables are spaced nicely, it's not too noisy for a conversation. The food is very good, and so is the wine list.

      1. You're screwed because that is a Wednesday, "Center City Sips," a promotion bars run through the summer. Almost every place in Center City will be a shit show. a. kitchen is not participating, but given the location, I would suspect that it will still be busy and overrun. Maybe someone who has been there on a Wednesday this summer can confirm. If you can wait until 7pm things will die down though.

        1. I haven't been to, but another option is Franklin Mortgage and Investments on 18th. It's cool, quiet, and there a few snacks on the menu that would get you to dinner (but wouldn't likely be enough for dinner on their own).

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            My impression of's bar is its just as you come into the restaurant, and it feels a bit crowded. If they will seat you, you are probably ok but I do not know if they seat people for drinks and apps (you could tell them you are having dinner and just order off the smallest plate portion of the menu........). I think that BarryG poses the greatest problem which is if Summer Sips is going to drive a huge number of people out ot the bars, its going to be a nightmare. I would potentially look outside center city/old city. The first place that comes to mind that I am liking more and more these days is JG Domestic (a Garces restaurant) at the Cirra Center. Huge long bar, menu designed with small plates. It might work for you

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              Old City isn't part of Center City Sips, and Wednesday evenings are ideal to go to Old City bars for a relaxing time, believe it or not. With the possible exception of the Khyber, they aren't packed, usually. Plenty of places with good happy hour food and drink specials like Triumph, Sassafras, Nick's, Revolution House, Barra, Ristorante Panorama, and Positano Coast.

          2.'s not a bad place to hang out for a few drinks, but the bar is pretty small and if it's busy you will have trouble getting a seat. How about the Ranstead Room?