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Best Spatula to Flip An Egg?

Suddenly this morning, I realized none of my spatulas do a decent job of flipping an egg.

I have some really good ones. A great silicone flexible one that seems to be rather all purpose that is perfect for burgers and most other foods. A nice stiff silicone spatula for fish that hasn't broken a piece yet. Stainless ones which I don't use as much anymore, but do a great job when I'm not using non-stick pans.

But, as I went to make over easy eggs this morning for English Muffin sandwiches, I ran into a problem. Was cooking them in a medium cast iron pan, using the flexi spatula that I've used dozens of times before, but, maybe not for flipping an egg that I remember - I don't make over easy eggs all that frequently.

First one went over ok, but the second, slid off, went overboard, down the side of the pan, all over my stove top, and down into the grate and oops, past the pan, and so forth. Had to wind up cleaning the entire stove top and beyond to clean up the mess (it's a professional stove, open burners - was a mess).

Anyway - it occurred to me that this spatula was not stiff enough to handle the job at all. The fish one, was too stiff and thick at the front to turn the egg (I tried). The metal one - was too large for the pan with two eggs in it. I think I would have potentially ruined the first egg in the process. Of course, I could use a larger pan, but realized that after the fact.

Anyway - my point it - certainly there has to be a spatula which specifically works for flipping eggs, or isn't there? It seems there are so many out there now which have dedicated jobs. Or is there an all purpose one which I'm missing that I need to incorporate into my tool box?

I'm not particular as far as brand/material/price. I just want it to be able to get the egg up and over without losing it!

Please don't suggest flipping in the pan. I have problems with my wrists, and while I can manage to do this with vegetables and meats/seafood pretty well; an egg is a bit much for me to manage (especially when using a cast iron pan).

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  1. I like Lamson. I have one that is about two and a half inches squared, therefore small enough to maneuver in most pans. It has a good sharp edge, a key feature for getting under an egg. When I cooked short order and had a large griddle, I loved the large Dexter. You could flip multiple eggs at once, but there's no way it would work in a 10" or 8" pan. It needs to be small enough that you can get it barely above horizontal inside the pan.

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    1. What about the thin egg spatula? Not the plastic one, but the thin metal one.

      I have a Dexter-Russell turner which is not super thin, but has an "edge". As such, it can slide under an egg.


      That being said, it is not one of the thin spatula I was talking about.

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        Great link, thanks for that. More to think about!

      2. Take a look at the Oxo Silicone spatulas. I have one that is about 2 1/2 inches wide that has a thin edge for getting under the egg and doesn't droop due to the metal the silicone was molded over.

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          Thanks for posting the Oxo. I was thinking about its flexible and thin spatula too. As you have accurately pointed out, there is the silicone coated thin metal spatula for nonstick coated pan:


          There is also a straight metal one as well:


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            Be sure you know which one you are buying. Some of the Oxo's are flexible and some are stiff. The pancake spatula won't flip a hamburger patty but, the smaller one will. I've never tried flipping an egg with the pancake spatula but, the smaller stiffer one works fine so, why would even try it the pancake spatula? ;-)

        2. The only one I ever use is a round, plastic spatula, obviously shaped to flip eggs. I got it a million years ago and don't remember the specifics of where I got it, but it says Ecko on it. It's all plastic because I used to use Silverstone when I fried or scrambled eggs way back when. It works very very well, has never missed its mark.

          I'm googling and all I can find is that its official name was "egg turner". This isn't it but will give you a general idea of the shape


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            I used to have a round one years ago. Now I'm wondering why I don't have it anymore. Did it not work and I decided to get rid of it or lost in all the moves I've had? /ponders

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              When this one breaks, I'm glad to know I can replace it at least, without haunting thrift shops!

            1. I use steel spatulas for cooking and flipping eggs and omelets. If the egg slid off, then I'd say you had too much fat in the pan.

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                Actually - I had very little fat in the pan this time. We're doing Weight Watchers, and trying hard not to use too much. I had used a bit of cooking spray, and only a teaspoon of butter to give some real flavor to the eggs. Considering how I normally cook them, this was quite minimal.

              2. The best silicone spatula according to Cook's Illustrated, the Matfer Bourgeat Pelton Spatula:


                I own this spatula and it works perfectly for flipping fried eggs. It is a perfect balance between flexible and firm, it has a super thin edge for getting under delicate foods easily without damaging the food, and it works on any surface from cast iron to nonstick.

                1. Thanks everyone - some really good suggestions were given. I'm going to check them all out. I really appreciate the help.

                  1. I think it kinda depends on your PAN, too?!? Have found that a spatula that will not damage a non-stick pan can take a bit more shuffling to get under eggs successfully. With a well-use cast iron pan, I can quickly slide a thin metal one under and flip with less problems.

                      1. For a cast iron pan, I wouldn't use silicone or a flexible spatula. Mine is solid metal, with a fairly thin front edge to get under the egg. I just looked at mine and saw that is a Martha Stewart product.

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                          That looks like the metal one I have exactly. It was just a bit too large for the size pan I was using for just two eggs that day. Other than that, it's a rather good spatula for use in the cast iron.

                          Of course, it never occurred to me to try and flip both at once. I'm wondering if that one could have handled it. It is rather big.

                        2. I often wonder the same thing! I always seem to have issues with the spatula or pan when making fried eggs.

                          A lot of people seem to have luck with this one here for eggs due to the way it's built. http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/t...

                          1. Hi, sivyaleah:

                            I can't find a photo of the exact one I'm thinking about. I still have a couple of these at my other houses, but the one I like the best for eggs is a VERY thin (as in how did they get it that thin?) steel spatula, about 6" long x 3" wide, flat, no perforations, no bias to the edge (kinda like photo 1, except wider), offset handle riveted on (like photo 2), handle is a red wood piece sandwiched between two chromed steel rods (like photo 3). Can't remember the brand--maybe Ekco?.

                            These should be instantly recognizable to some CH because there were a kazillion made. If anyone can, I'd love to find a new source for these, because after 50 years of use, mine are metal-fatigued.

                            I am suffering now with an OXO in nylon... Every time I use it, I'm sure I'm being pranked, because while it is thin enough, when it heats up it gets noodly soft and droopy, and I don't think even Cialis will help.


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                              "...when it heats up it gets noodly soft and droopy, and I don't think even Cialis will help."

                              Thanks for giving me today's biggest laugh :D

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                                "...when it heats up it gets noodly soft and droopy"

                                Get one that has the metal "backbone", no drooping then and no need for Cialis.

                              2. re: kaleokahu

                                "....when it heats up it gets noodly soft and droopy, and I don't think even Cialis will help."

                                At least you can take a bath outside with it, tho.

                              3. I use my 60's, Ekco slotted angled spatula for eggs. It's the best for eggs as it's nice and thin, flexible, but not too flexible. I've got quite a few silicone, or what -ever -have - you, plasticky spatulas, but rarely use them.
                                You can see an Ekco spatula on the etsy link, but my particular spatula is a bit different, with mine having a thinner plain black handle.


                                I actually bought my Ekco spatula in the 60s, but garage sales are a great place to find old kitchen gadgets like mine, if you're at all interested.

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                                  I love garage sales. I found my egg cups at one - a set of Williams Sonoma ones that sort of have a Fiestaware color thing happening - 4 of them for a buck. Win!

                                2. "....but the second slid off, went overboard, down the side of the pan, all over my stove top, and down into the grate and oops, past the pan, and so forth...."

                                  Did you inspire, perhaps, that old camp song, "On Top of Spaghetti"?

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                                    (sings) All covered with cheese.... Ahem, it is summer camp season

                                  2. I use my small (4 inch) offset spatula. Works every time!

                                    1. I'm partial to the vintage Flint Arrowhead spatula (the style with the shorter handle) myself, and have two of them so my husband and I wouldn't fight over who got to use it. They made them in the 1950s and possibly into the 1960s. You can find them on Etsy.

                                      1. I've found it helpful to spray PAM or some such on the top of the spatula to flip the eggs.