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Jul 1, 2012 07:34 AM

Great Vietnamese in Omaha

I recently spent a couple of days in Omaha and had dinner at one of the best Vietnamese restaurant's ever. The place is named "Saigon Surface". In the downtown area near the Old Market. Not really sure what's up the the name - what "surface" means. Upscale compared with the Vietnamese places I visit in St. Louis. We let the waiter recommend 4 different meals - had the pineapple fried rice (served in a hollowed out pineapple, but not overly sweet), woked crispy noodle, shaken beef and crispy prawns. Not as light as the meals I get in St. Louis, but all incredibly good. Dessert of mango sweet rice was excellent. Very nice interior design - wouldn't typically see that in St. Louis. Strangely, almost empty for a Saturday night with the College World Series in town. Wonderful experience. This place should be packed. Don't miss if you visit Omaha.

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  1. I kinda expected your note would be good, it took a while for other Mom + Pop shops in MW cities (STL, MPLS, KC etc.) to stop doing what's expected off the steam table (note to owners - have some of that for my aunt, but have some fun stuff your family might eat.) and start venturing into your own diverse heritages.

    yeah STL's places could use a makeover in decor, it would be nice but somehow that's not important to me.

    I guessed there'd be decent VN in Omaha, it gives one hope for the rest of the region in general.

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      MPLS does not need your hope, it has an amazing plethora of really solid Vietnamese restaurants and grocery stores in two districts, one on Nicollet (between 22nd and 28th) in Minneapolis and the other on University (between Lexington and Rice) in St. Paul.

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        JimG - that's why I included MPLS, I meant it as one of the places to find the good stuff. I've known there's a strong presence. (those wacky church groups and their late 1970's sponsoring of exiled boat people families, my parent's church did a few - best thing that happened food-wise to the MW in God knows how long) my hope is that good VN and Thai and other foods spread far and wide beyond the city centers and flourish.

        when the day comes that I don't have to explain pho or DO get to hear someone gripe "aww cha gio with nuac mam again?" or "we ALWAYS have banh mi for Saturday lunch" I will be happy.