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Jul 1, 2012 06:05 AM

Taiwanese shaved ice?

Just got back from New York City where I had the most amazing shaved ice - topped with condensed milk, mochi, taro and red beans. Please tell me I can get something like this around here. I have been craving it since my return....

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  1. You can check the menu of Destiny - a Taiwanese bubble tea place. They have locations on Silver Star Blvd and one in Richmond Hill (Leslie & 7 area).
    If not, I had it at a dessert place - the Chinese plaza at Leslie & Finch. But have not been to that mall in awhile. So not sure if the dessert place is still there. It was on the side facing Finch next to the big congee/noodle place.

    1. Ten Ren's Tea
      Please check their website for locations across GTA.

      1. If there are any Filipino places near you, you could check if they have halo-halo, it's pretty similar to the combo you had - it's sort of like the upside-down version since most of the toppings are at the bottom of the pile. I know Kanto has halo-halo (Dundas east of Bathurst - part of the Scadding Court community centre marketplace).

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          Casa Manilla has a yummy halo-halo as well.

          There's also Malay/Singaporean places for Ice Kachung (please don't go to Hawker Bar for it - it's a very pale imitation of what you're looking for).

          The dessert place at Leslie & Finch has changed to something else (still food). Possibly still served shaved ice, but I'm not positive anymore. Tracy's Dessert at First Markham has it, as do most Chinese dessert places, I feel.

        2. The original comment has been removed