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Jul 1, 2012 01:25 AM

Filled chocolates in carry on from Paris?

Have any of you recently brought chocolates in your carry on through Orly or CDG? I am just wondering if they consider the fillings of some chocolates as being a liquid or a gel etc. I am leaning towards it being ok but don't want to waste a lot of money on gifts by getting them confiscated. Checking them makes me a bit nervous...

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  1. technically, you should have no problems.

    This is subject to change, depending on the mood of the guard at that particular moment.

    I would expect you to have problems on your US connecting flight, if you had problems at all, rather than the Paris-US leg, but YMMV

    1. Friend just left for the states with a ton of Genin chocolates, no issue at CDG.

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        Security everywhere is incompetent. If I were checking bags, I surely would have confiscated them for one of my many breaks.

      2. From many years of transatlantic crossings, I have never had any chocolates confiscated. I always list them too on the customs form. So, stock up while you are here!

        1. As a followup, we went through security at Orly and Heathrow with nary a second glance so chocolate seems a-ok.