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Jun 30, 2012 11:37 PM

Post-Paris withdrawal?

Does anyone else go through a state of withdrawal when returning to the united states from France?
It usually hits me the morning after I land, when I start craving a buttery croissant, and try to make do with the local imitations.

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  1. Quite the opposite for me. While I truly enjoyed all that wonderful food in France, when I returned to the US after a month in France, the first thing I did was to satisfy my severe craving for various Chinese and South/Central American cuisines.

    1. Is it the food or simply that you have to go back to work after your crappy croissant imitation and the local starbuck maga-latte ?


      1. I don't live in the United States, nor do I visit France too regularly (perhaps once every couple of years), so I'm not answering the specific question. But if the question was the wider one about returning to where you normally live from a trip to somewhere foreign, then it's possible to answer.

        And I think it's a mixed response. I return from, say, most trips to Spain and yearn for the fresh vegetables. From France from good charcuterie. From America for good seafood. But, the longer I've been away, the more I really crave are homestyle dishes - local or other north European dishes - the sort that form our normal dinners.

        It's the old Sinatra song about "it's nice to go travelling......but it's so much nicer to come home".

        1. i have in the past, absolutely. even living in a food-centric city like San Francisco.... there is so very much to miss about France, food- and otherwise.

          that said, i lived in Italy for 5 months and when i came back i was absolutely craving american, thai, vietnamese, japanese, chinese, indian, mexican - ANYTHING but Italian food.

          1. I am with the opposite camp, When I return, i want spicy taqueria food, cheap Pakistan/Indian food, home cooked Asian, Chinese pastries filled with sweet bean paste, dim sum. What I do miss when I return from Italy or Spain are the great coffee everywhere. There are good croissants in the San Francisco Bay Area when the craving hit after a few weeks.