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Jun 30, 2012 07:51 PM

The Optimist -am I the only one?

After eating at The Optimist the first time, I thought, "well, some things were good, others were not, and the bar service and course pacing were slow - but it's recently opened, so worth a second try.". Well, I gave it that second try tonight - and I think it'll be the last time I go for a while. Service was better this time, but there were still hits and misses in the food. For example, there was zero crab meat to be found in the she-crab soup. Literally, it tasted like crab-flavored cream. Being from SC, I know what she-crab soup should be - this is not it. I also find the prices completely out of line.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm accustomed and willing to spend large amounts of money for good food. But I find The Optimist over-priced for what it delivers. My 6 ounces of halibut for $26 with no side items puts The Optimist in a price category with Aria or Restaurant Eugene, where the food, service and atmosphere are decidedly superior.

Is anyone else thinking the emperor has no clothes?? I think this restaurant needs to shave $10 off every entree. And even then, I won't rush back.

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  1. too bad--i havent been but my personal rule is if a new restaurant is under 80% on Urbanspoon i dont go--too many other places to try.BTW when i read the positive reviews you can see theyre stuffing the ballot box

    1. My boyfriend and I had dinner there a few weeks back. Our entrees were good, but we both agreed that we'd rather go back to Empire State South if we're going to spend that kind of money for dinner.

      The real standout to me was the gumbo I had as an appetizer, so I'd definitely return for lunch or dinner at the bar.

      1. Have to agree with you. I had the halibut and wondered "where's the fish?" for that money.
        Disappointing. My friend went another night and she commented on the small halibut portion as well.
        With that said, our apps were good, and I would go back and and try the raw bar.

        1. Scoped the menu out upon opening and was shocked at the prices. I figured I'd hear the entrees were to die for before spending that. Still waiting.

          Landlocked, yadda yadda yadda