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Jun 30, 2012 07:28 PM

1st Visit to Toronto

Hello Toronto Chowhounders - Making my 1st visit to Toronto and an looking for the best that the City has to to offer. All cuisines and all price ranges so if you like it post it.

We will be arriving late Friday evening and my wife has already demanded a visit to Lee, so that took care of Saturday. This would be for Lunch and Dinner Sunday. Also, anything worth visiting around the Rogers Center for lunch as our trip will include the Lfc/Tornotofc fixture on Saturday as well.

Thanks Everyone.

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  1. Start here:

    The list of what this board voted as top 10 for this year

    Go to Beast for Lunch/Brunch on Sunday, be aware that almost nowhere takes reservations for Sunday lunch/brunch and lineups are a frequent occurrence

    I'm trying to parse the bit at the end. Do you mean Toronto FC, the MLS soccer team? You do know they don't play at the Rogers Center, they play at BMO Field which is fairly distant.

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    1. re: bytepusher

      Probably coming in for the Liverpool game at Rogers Centre.

      1. re: justsayn

        Thanks for the thread bytepusher - justayn is correct ill be coming in for Liverpool, scheduled to be played at Rogers

    2. Welcome to Toronto!

      There are a lot of great restaurants from many cultures here in Toronto. A lot of the good ones are in the outskirts of the GTA so you may need a car. Do you have access to one and is there a particular cuisine you like?

      If you're sticking to downtown central Toronto (and you're not watching the wallet too carefully), I would recommend George (fine dining), Splendido (fine dining), Black Hoof (artisanal charcuterie and meat centric menu), Khao San Road (Thai and affordable), Soma (delicious hand made chocolates and gelato), Copper Chimney (Indian food), Bannock (affordable Canadian centric menu), Buk Chang Chang Song Tofu (my favourite for fresh Korean Tofu soup), and Guu (Japanese Izakaya).

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        awesome - thanks Nevy - ill start researching your suggestions especially the gelato :)