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Jun 30, 2012 06:51 PM

Squash blossoms

A volunteer squash plant near my garden plot was fatally damaged in last night's storms so this morning I harvested 6 blossoms and several squash before composting the plant. I decided to make stuffed squash blossoms, a first for me, and concocted a filling of mozzarella cheese, shallot, and basil, then dipped in egg, flour, and fried. Boy, they were delicious!! I've always sort of dismissed blossoms but I may be a convert. A bit hard to tell what role the actual squash blossom played in the deliciousness but I'm willing to give it another try.

So what do you do with blossoms?

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  1. Stuffed with ricotta cheese and honey then breaded (cookie crumb breading) and baked.

    1. Browned bulk Italian sausage, when browned, drain, add just enough small cubed white bread to bind, cool then add some grated or small cubed provolone, stuff, batter and fry the blossoms and serve with marinara for dipping. Sooo Good!

      1. I've only had them once - in a restaurant in Rome. Stuffed with ricotta and fried. Very disappointing - underflavoured, underseasoned, the filling too claggy, the batter too soggy.

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          I suspect that you can't do these in advance with much success. We were all standing in the kitchen ready to devour them when they came out of the oil.

        2. I grow zucchini plants just for the blossoms. (does that make me a "bad person?")

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              Ask yourself he much is zucchini per pound versus the blossoms per pound. I think you are the smart one.

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                Not at all! I have 15 zucchini plants (for the two of us...) so we can have both zucchini and blossoms. :)

              2. Aside from what you did, we sometimes use blossoms in a frittata. It's delicious (but not as visually impressive).