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Jun 30, 2012 04:17 PM

Golden Feather Mardi Gras Indian Restaurant Gallery...has anyone tried it? N. Rampart/Esplanade alternatives?

This place really interests me. I'm curious if any hounds have paid a visit, and (if so) what your experience was like.

I'd like to find a place that opens in the late morning on Sundays, either along Rampart Street between Armstrong Park and Esplanade, or on Esplanade between Rampart and Decatur. My wife and I would like to catch the Second line that will travel that route to Satchmo Summerfest. Bar Tonique would have been a good place to hang out, but it doesn't open until 2 pm.

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  1. We haven't been there but we have looked in (when it was closed). If it doesn't work out for you your not far from the Treme location of Lil Dizzy's, which we love. Also, make sure to pop into the Voodoo Spiritual Temple and say hi to Priestess Miriam! She married us!

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      Wow, that's really cool that you were married by a voodoo priestess.

      An update about Golden Feather. I found a few scattered comments about the place online. A common theme seemed to be that they have very irregular hours, and one post said that the writer had tried to visit but found it shut for several weeks while the owners were traveling. I sent Golden Feather a message through a web form on their site inquiring whether they expected to be keeping regular hours on the Sunday I hoped to visit, but a week has passed with no reply. Given all of that, my plans have changed.

      I think now that we will do a breakfast first, and then go to the church in Treme where the parade forms after mass lets out. We'll join the parade there and go with it as long as we can bear the heat, then jump out and seek refreshment in the FQ.

      I was thinking of using cabs to have breakfast in Bywater, at Elizabeth's, and then cab up to the church in Treme. But your suggestion of Lil Dizzy's may well be the best idea, given its proximity.

      Thanks kukubura!

      1. re: Gizmo56

        Lil Dizzy's is great, but they are byob so if you want some mimosas bring champagne. Also, you might want to call and make sure they have OJ that day! It's a little ramshackle but the food is awesome and it's very local and very endearing.

        Yeah, Priestess Miriam is a very special person! Try to stop in...

        1. re: kukubura

          I have jotted Priestess Miriam on my ever-growing list. Thanks for the heads up about BYOB at Lil Dizzy's.

          1. re: Gizmo56

            If you are staying in the FQ, you could call a pedi-cab to bring you to Lil Dizzy's.

            1. re: TaTee

              Thanks, we'll be just across Canal from the FQ, in the Roosevelt.

    2. Buffa's is on Esplanade. Open 24 hours. Sunday Jazz brunch at 11. Some Like it Hot is the band.

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        Thanks...I have considered Buffa's. It is fairly close to the end of the parade route, and I have trouble guessing when the parade will pass there, so the timing is kind of a puzzle. Looks like a cool place though.