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Jun 30, 2012 04:00 PM

Lobster-$4.99 a pound

soft shell at Market Basket in Manchester NH. I don't think I've seen it cheaper.

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  1. Thank you for posting this; I might have to head to the MB near me tomorrow and pick up a couple of steamed lobsters. Been too long since I indulged!

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    1. re: Tante

      $3.99/lb at Lucci's Supermarket tomorrow thru Tuesday! Wilmington MA

      EDIT: sorry folks I just realized this is Northern New England Board....I'll leave it here though just in case it helps someone.....

    2. $3.79 on Commercial St. in Portland, first place you come to, at West end of Commercial. BUT great deal at Mobil station (small closed gas station, not big one) on Forest Ave in Portland! $3.99 for lobsters that averaged 1.62 pounds each. Most at that price are 1.25 pounds.

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      1. re: mainehound

        Mainehound, still 3.79? going up there this weekend.....what is it, a truck selling them?

        1. re: REALBUSY

          I haven't driven past lately. It is at the far west end of Commercial St., either at Benny's or in a truck outside of it. Heard they were really good. But the place on Forest Ave has 1.5 + lb. for $3.99. Outside a defunct Mobile Station. They have a tank and everything, with a big sign saying "Local Fresh Lobster" and they were kickin' when I bought them (you want them lively when they pull them out of the tank). Usually, most places sell the smallest ones for the cheap price, then up the price for each quarter pound more, so 1.25 lb is $3.99, 1.5 lb is $4.99. That is usually, anyway. The Forest ave place is NOT at 518 Forest Ave, but south of that one, about 1.5 blocks. Corner of Forest and Dartmouth, I think. Open until 6 (different on Sunday, I think).

          1. re: REALBUSY

            Its a closed gas station just beyond Oakhurst Dairy, but its only Thurs-Fri & Saturdays

            1. re: irwin

              Thanks you guys, I'll be there Sat. Any idea what time they open?
              GINA from NJ

          2. re: mainehound

            I want to thank everyone (MAINEHOUND etc...) for their replys to me here..(It's GINA from NJ), you are all true ChowHounds!! I just want you to know that we did go up there this past weekend, (July 20-22, ;'12) and did go see the lobstah guy in south portland on the cormer of Dartmouth and Forest at about 4 pm on Saturday. What a nice guy and his 2 kids were there too helping. He is a lobsterman by trade and sells these out of the old gas station. The lobsters in the tank were lively and HUGE in that cold water. He explained he's taken a lot of heat from fellow lobstermen who want to keep the prices up higher; by selling them at an amazing 3.99 per lb. This IS amazing because NO MATTER WHAT SIZE you get they are still 3.99 per lb.... so a 2 lb lobster is 3.99 per lb and 1 and a half lber is also 3.99..not like the other places that charge you 8.49 (Going rate right now)for the large 1 3/4 to 2 lb ones PER POUND. That is ridiculous. Especially with the early glut of abundant tasty critters this year..If you'RE a LOBSTER CHOWHOUND, then this is the place to go, we brought a huge cooler with ice and icepacks with us. they made it home the NEXT day even (6 hour ride ) just fine. He's usually there till around 6 pm-ish.... if you go, tell the lady from NJ told you about him on CHOWHOUND and tell him we'll see him next year...thanks LOL... you won't be disappointed if you go, ENJOY the rest of your summer.....

            1. re: REALBUSY

              Really? You think lobster should be as cheap as beef or chicken?! Lobsters are caught in the wild in the twos and threes not massed in barns by the thousands! I don't blame this guy for selling them cheap but don't you ever disparrage the other guys who hold out for a better price.

              1. re: crawfish

                it's a free market. If the guys who hold out can make money, more power to them.

                1. re: crawfish

                  Absolutely. Think about what you're saying..there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON lobster should not be cheaper if it is abundant nad in season, you spend more on feeding, raising watering, butchering the cows and chickens ( AND BTW, Leaving a much larger carbon footprint) and then shipping those meats.. think about you tell me, which should be cheaper?

                  1. re: REALBUSY

                    Let's be careful here! You are posting these comments in a forum where many of the posters have a connection to lobstermen. Lobstermen who are absolutely reeling from the low prices. And before you say thats just the market economy...thats true for the MACRO view. It's the MICRO view that's hurting my friends and neighbors. They can't individually control the macro, where supply from overfishing is driving prices down...and they certainly can't control the demand side...

                    1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                      Beef is going to be a lot more expensive than lobster if the drought continues and corn prices go up.

            2. Surprise. I was in Concord NH Market Basket last night (7/17) and they had lobsters at $3.99/lb - unadvertised special.

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              1. re: dfrostnh

                $6.99 in Stowe (Shaw's) last weekend, higher at the seafood market. Hoping to see the price drop soon but still not too bad!

              2. $10/lb out here in Colorado, and that's from the sketchy Asian market. Just to remind you all how lucky you are!

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                1. re: monopod

                  And 14.99 here at grocery stores, 10.99 at the wholesale markets in Tampa/St. Pete

                  Love us some Maine lobster!

                  1. re: cflynn

                    Saw an ad for $3.39 at Countryside (I think) Butcher store in Scarborough. Any size! And they are selling them for $8.98 lb. at the Scarborough WalMart, according to the newspaper. Another reason not to shop at Wally World

                    1. re: mainehound

                      Who buys lobsters at a Walmart in Maine ? I am surprised that they even carry lobsters in Maine......

                      1. re: irwin

                        tourists, probably, who feel comfortable there. I mean, don't they let them camp in their parking lots? Also, McDonald's in Maine sell lobster rolls in summer.

                        1. re: irwin

                          Weird. Is it possible that Walmart buys lobsters in Maine, ships them to some huge distribution center in, like, Arkansas, then ships them to their Maine stores?! Gah, I need to find out now. :)

                          1. re: Morganna

                            Morganna, as crazy as that sounds, I would not be tremendously surprised if that was actually the case.

                            On the other hand, I suspect they're way too smart for that. I too would love to know the real answer as to where they source their lobsters for retail sale in Maine, for curiosity's sake.

                            1. re: Dave B

                              So, I have a friend who works in some capacity in distribution at Walmart and I asked her. She said she wouldn't be surprised if they're doing that, but that there are no rules against local Walmarts stocking from local lobsterbeings, and that a local lobsterbeing could certainly approach a particular store to arrange a deal to provide them with lobsters during the season. She also said that all Walmarts have the policy of honoring the sales of other stores. So if another place is advertising lobsters for $4/lb, bring in the ad (or if it's just an in store special, take a photo of the thing in the store showing it, maybe) and Walmart will meet it.

                  2. 7/23/12 - lobsters still $3.99/lb at Concord NH Market Basket. Not advertised in the flyers.

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                    1. re: dfrostnh

                      (True at the Reading MA Market Basket as well... but they're soft shells.)

                      1. re: Gio

                        The glut and therefore the corresponding low prices are in soft shells. Two reasons for the low soft shell prices. First, as mentioned, there's the glut which might be a consequence of the warmer waters. 2nd, there's the problem of shipping soft shells. They simply do not ship well compared to hard shells so almost the entire catch of soft shells stays local (New England especially Maine) and the price stays very low locally. Hard shells are not cheap in Maine or elsewhere. I suspect that in the Walmart question above, the higher prices might be for hard shells (which quite possibly went through some distribution center) or walmart just over pricing local soft shells. If they are soft shells they probably did not go through Arkansas on the way back to Maine. If they did, they'd be dead.