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Jun 30, 2012 03:31 PM

Pepperoncinis in Toronto area

I'm looking for a good place/brand to buy pepperoncinis. I've tried various (Unico for instance), but my absolute favourite was one I got from Costco a long time ago. Sadly I don't remember which brand, but I suspect it might be their house brand, and they no longer carry pepperoncini at the various ones I've tried. In general I find the ones in the grocery stores are simply hot, whereas the ones I loved were far more sour and not nearly as spicy. Ideas?

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  1. Just bought a few jars at John vince's tent sale (416-636-6146) $1.99
    Not sure if its a reg store item but they can point you in the right direction
    Also check Fortinos or Lady York

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    1. re: Luvtooeat

      It's not so much the availability, it's that I keep finding that they are more hot hot, vs a sour hot. I believe I've tried both Unico and Sardo from the larger groceries so far.

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        Try asking at Pussateri or McEwans in the Don Mills centre

    2. Try Highland Farms. Variety goes beyond the usual Canadian brands like Unico.

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        I wish I could help you, as I'm also looking for the ideal sweet/sour/spicy blend of pepperoncini. But no market I've been to seems to consistently carry jars of them. Sometimes they're on the shelves, sometimes not. The last good jar I've had came from Arz, a Middle East market on Lawrence Ave. East. But when I was in there recently, they were no longer to be found in the entire large section devoted to pickles and peppers. Lately, I've had to satisfy myself with the complimentary pickle plates often set out at the start in Middle East restaurants. Although too many pickles, not enough pepperoncinis, naturally. Mind, I can usually cajole management into some extra pepperoncinis. Still, a more permanent solution to this dilemma would be appreciated. Surely there is a reliable source somewhere out there.

        P.S. I also find that Costco has a habit of making my favourite items disappear.

        1. re: juno

          I get some nice ones from Town and Country Market in Mississauga.

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            After some shopping when I was in the US I found the Vlasic mild branded ones are my favourites. Not sure if those can be found here? I haven't come across that brand when searching for pepperoncinis here.

      2. I buy them from Terroni or Mercatto. Same ones they put on the tables, they sell in jars. They're quite spicy, but also very tasty.