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Jun 30, 2012 03:30 PM

A new gem in LBI

There is a new fine dining restaurant attached to the sandwich place and Italian deli, A Little Bit of Italy in Surf City on Long Beach Island. They do a $35 prize fixe with three courses. The grilled calamari appetizer was amazing! Everyone in our party loved their meals. Much, much better dinner and better value than L'asiette which is on the same block.

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    1. re: cpine

      There is a take-out section of really good Italian sandwiches. The sit-down restaurant is more fine dining than casual beach dining. The prix fixe dinner is $35.

    2. Wish I had seen this last week. It seems like there were few really great places this year, especially north of the Causeway.

      Our one standout was Black Eyed Susan's, which is now dinner-only. The meal we had there was spectacular! I had the best grilled octopus I've ever had, marinated and grilled to just the right consistency. Both the tuna and beef tartars and their accompaniments were delicious - especially an avocado mousse with the tuna, and a caperberry with grainy mustard with the beef. We also had the pork belly, which was crisp on top and tender below, and the lamb chops which were delicate and beautiful. The chocolate pots de creme was a bitter chocolate and a perfect end to a wonderful meal.

      We probably made our last visit to L'Assiette. While the food was good, and sometimes inventive (eg, fois gras pudding), the service was terrible - two incredibly overburdened waitresses for the whole place (although both were doing a very good job, there was no way they could keep up with the crowd), and the "manager" careening around not helping at all.

      La Spiaggia never disappoints!

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      1. re: phdfoodie

        Could not agree with you more were there last week with 7 people and everyone left happy and satisfied. Finally a consistent quality, service friendly and unpretentious. Scallops, crab cakes, oysters, chilled lobster, scallops shrimp with a kick was perfect for alight dinner. Unfortunately the word is out because it. Is difficult to walk in without wait A place we will return often thru the season. Black eyed Susans has "arrived" on LBI Welcome!