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Jun 30, 2012 01:35 PM

Lost on a wine list (pairing with Foie Gras)

I am going to a foie gras tasting dinner tonight, and I would prefer to buy a bottle of wine rather than the $95 wine pairing. I'd like a nice bottle under $100. Bordeaux comes to mind, but I'm not set on it. I'm looking at the wine list and I am overwhelmed, as I've only tasted a few of the wines on the list. We bother prefer French wines, but there are some American wines that we have enjoyed as well. The Grgich is one, and Duckthorn.

This is the wine list:

In general, I get lost on larger wine lists, and feel ignorant when perusing them.

Looking at this list are there any wines that are truly outstanding that you've tried?


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  1. Conventional wisdom will say that a _good_ sweet(er)wine (alsacian riesling, sauternes (or Monbazillac) ) will go well with Foie Gras.

    In our family, we go for red, from the south-west of France (bordeaux in particular, St-Julien, St-Estephe)

    Depending on the foie-gras preparation it can accomodate a lot of wines.

    Looking at the wine list , the Pinot Gris "Ste-Catherine" should be a great match if the foie gras is served in a terrine.


    1. I like sweeter wines with foie.

      In the Loire section, the restaurant has one remaining bottle of 2004 Baumard Coteaux du Layon. I had that wine a month ago. Drinking well.

      You may also ask to see the dessert wine list. Look for Sauternes, Barsac, Bonnezeaux, Vouvray Moelleux, Quarts du Chaume, Monbazillac. These are all appellations.

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Here's the menu. Normally I love sweet wines (as Brad and Maximillien suggest) with foie gras, but in this case, with these dishes, I'd go for the pairings. The wines are well chosen, and $95. You could also choose one of those wines to purchase, providing it was within your budget.

        Or, you could purchase a bottle of one of the suggested wines.
        The Rully Rouge 1er Cru "Clos du Chapitre", Jaeger Defaix is $62.
        The Vidal Fleury Saint Joseph is $49.

        Or, you could purchase the Sauternes that's paired with the torchon, the Chateau D'Armajan des Ormes, Sauternes 2006, but I don't have the price.

        Have fun. Let us know how the dinner was. I'm envious.

        1. re: maria lorraine

          Interesting. I just dined there a few mos. back, and it was nice.

          Last trip to SF (last month), every major restaurant was doing a foie gras dinner - really big deal, and this one looks very good.

          I would also go with the pairings, as I cannot imagine one wine to go with every dish.

          Hope that the OP had a great meal. We missed the foie gras "going away parties," but they came between trips for us. Won't be there until July 08.


        2. re: Brad Ballinger

          The Coteaux du Layon should be a great pairing, as it has the acid to cut the fat, and the sweetness to carry most foie gras dishes.

          Not mentioned (have not looked at the list yet, as I am so very late to the thread), but I enjoy a Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise.

          The ultimate foie gras pairing, for me, was an Apple-infused Seared Foie Gras, with a Canadian Late Harvest Apple Cider, in London. However, much depended on the prep. That has topped many Ch. D'Yquem tastings, with some spectacular wines. Again, the prep carried the pairing to a whole new level.

          Enjoy, and sorry to be so late.


        3. The 2006 Weinbach Gewurztraminer Furstentum (Alsace) would be an excellent option for foie gras, with the added bonus of some good bottle ageing. We tasted across the Weinbach range a few months ago, and the Furstentum was recommended by the winemaker as their best match for foie gras. I haven't tasted the 2006, but the house style for that wine is typically off-dry, rich with hints ot tropical fruit but very elegant and with good structure.

          $78 is also an excellent price for a wine of that calibre. However, I share Maria Lorraine's concerns about a single bottle of wine - I'm not sure the gewurz would pair well with the beef or quail (although it would pair very well with the starters).

          1. Just got back, and it was a wonderful meal. Just incredibly awesome. It was also truffle night. The problem I had with the wine pairings was that it was too much wine. I just wanted to have a few glasses and enjoy all the courses, as opposed to being a bit tipsy by the end. We went with a wine by the glass to start to match the starters, and then went with Beaune 1er Cru, Domaine Rebourgeon-Mure for the main dishes, and finished with a port and a Sauterne (I had the Peach Baked Alaska). I really enjoyed the wine with my main dishes, but keep in mind I in no way a wine connoisseur. I know if it's good or bad and can sorta name certain flavors, but I' an amateur, and still learning. But I know I am partial to French wines in general, and I really liked this one.

            Overall, excellent food, and excellent service, even though it was mayhem. Everyone was either in the restaurant, or in the lounge next door, ordering foie gras dishes. It did slow down the second seating, but I was in the first. It was a bit slow, but with all that rich food I actually enjoyed having a few breaks. A very delightful way to say goodbye to foie gras. Guess I'll have to go to Vegas to eat it again.

            Thanks to all for your suggestions!

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            1. re: cosmogrrl

              OMG! Foie gras AND truffles! I envy you greatly.

              We were at several higher-end SF restaurants, over the last few weeks, and were presented with the upcoming FG dinners. Unfortunately, we were not going to be there, during the celebrations.

              Like you, I will just get my FG "fix" in London, Paris, and some bastions of Anti-PC in the US.

              Glad that you enjoyed,


            2. Just FEI, for everyone's info, I asked for some foie gras pairings recently (here? somewhere)

              I ended with Alsace Pinot Gris as most successful match. As I looked into these wines, I found that at least a couple of makers produce a "Cuvee Foie Gras"