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Jun 30, 2012 01:17 PM

Please tell me how to salvage my ribs!

First post from a longtime lurker . . . please be kind!

Expecting dinner guests tonight, I coated beautiful racks of pork ribs (St. Louis style, I think) with a dry rub of kosher salt, dark brown sugar, paprika, white sugar and pepper. The plan was to leave them overnight in the dry rub, cover tightly and roast very slowly at a low temperature, then baste with BBQ sauce and finish on the grill just before serving. I can share the recipe, from a popular but much-maligned TV personality, if anyone is interested.

I just found out that my guests' flight was cancelled and they won't make it in for dinner tonight. We have rescheduled to tomorrow. My question is this: are the ribs OK sitting another 24 hours in the dry rub? Should I roast them today, stick them in the fridge overnight and finish on the grill? Does it matter?

I am the type who treats expiration dates as gospel (despite reading many threads from chowhounds who disagree) so please tell me if the ribs will be OK, and how best to salvage them. Thank you!

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  1. Personally, I would scrape the rub off. Other than that, you should be fine, but probably have more than enough flavoring in one day's sitting with the rub...

    1. Leave it in the rub (which has undoubtedly pulled some moisture out of the ribs and become a slurry by now) and do everything tomorrow as originally planned.

      I wouldn't scrape off any of that dry rub slurry because there's a lot of flavor there that you'll be squandering if you scrap it off.

      Also, to save you some effort, since you'll have your oven fired up already, to caramelize the sauce just broil the ribs on the top rack once you've sauced them. No need to grill them as they won't take on any smoke flavor unless you're going to use PLENTY of smoke during the 5 minutes total they'll be on the grill.

      1. Leave em alone....Leave em covered.....Leave em refrigerated...

        Execute your plan tomorrow.......

        Have Fun & Enjoy!.

        1. I would leave them alone and cook tomorrow. They'll be fine.

          1. +3 on leave 'em be. They'll be fine.