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Jun 30, 2012 12:42 PM

Atlantic City Vacation with Active 3 Year Old

Hi NJ Chowhounders!!!

My family is coming to AC for 4 days (Sunday-Wednesday stay at the Chelsea Hotel) at the end of July. I have beem reviewing posts on AC dining, but I thought that I would ask for your help. We are interested in the best that AC has to offer, but we would prefer to stay away from more formal casino restaurants. After checking out previous recommendations here, I have come up with the following establishments as dining possibilities:

White House Subs
Little Saigon
Baltimore Grill
Fairmount Tavern

What is your opinion of my list???What should we order at these 4 places? Are there any other places that we just should not miss???

I would also like to find an ice-cream shop. I grew up going to Springers in Stone Harbor, but I have no idea about ice-cream in AC!

What about fudge and water taffy??? Do you have recommendations?

If we decide to eat on the boardwalk, where should we go? I have heard Bill's Gyros mentioned, but someone recently said that this place might be lacking in cleanliness. What do you think???

Do you have any favorite pizza joints on the boardwalk or any other place in AC? I used to go to a place in Ocean City called Mack and Manko's (I think!) when I was really young...I loved to watch this bald man who looked like Mr. Clean magically spin pizza dough like a flying saucer on his finger tips!!!

Well, thank you for your advice!!!

Valentine :)

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  1. I ate at Bill's Gyro on May 11th, and it was delicious as ever. It's not a fancy place and eloquently fits the description of "Greasy Spoon", but I don't think I've ever seen any health related issues there.

    I ate Tony Boloney's Pizza and Cheese steak Ole ' from their food truck at Monmouth Park, his restaurant is in the "inlet" part of AC. The food from the truck was great. Thinking next time I'm in AC, I'll stop by the restaurant, but don't expect a fancy place.

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    1. re: coldsolderjoint

      Thank you for the reply, coldsolderjoint! I am happy to hear that Bill's Gyro is safe to eat at because I love greasy spoon type places. Usually I follow a semi- vegetarian diet, but while I am on vacation, I will be eating everything!

      So, do you think that Tony Boloney's sandwiches are as good as White House??? How does TB's pizza measure up to the best of AC pizza?

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        I'm sort of ashamed to say I've never eaten at White house, it's always on my to-do list, but the hours always seem to never match up, ie, we are there for a late night concert, and they are closed, or we are leaving in the morning and they aren't open yet. I will get there one of these tries.

        I'm basing my experiance of TB's from the food truck. I've never actually been to the restaurant, but if you check out the menu's it looks like white house is more of a traditional sub shop, and TB's is more of an off the wall kind of menu with all different types of combinations.

        1. re: coldsolderjoint

          Thanks for the reply, coldsolderjoint! I totally understand...

          TB's truck sounds great to me! When I was a student at Penn, I lived off the food from the food trucks!!! I enjoy that whole counter culture thing. It is also good to know that we can get food latenight from TB's. I did review the menu, and it looks very creative and delicious!!!!

    2. I was to Pho Sydney last week and found their food pretty amazing. It is larger than Little Saigon, as it recall it.

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      1. re: Quine

        Thank you for your reply, Quine! Where is Pho Sydney located? I LOVE Viet Namese food. I lived in Philly for 14 years, but we now live in the mountains of NE PA. I really miss eating at Viet Nam Restaurant....:(

        What would you recommend from their menu???? I do love pho, but I like other stuff, too!!!

        1. re: Valentine529

          It is very near Trump plaza and White House subs, the exact address, I am sure is on Yelp. I usually order Pho, This time we had fried spring rolls that were nice, and then I ordered a grilled pork over rice dish. Done just right (i believe it had a spring roll on it as well) My Mom ordered a dish that had grilled pork as well, and lettuces, to make into wraps. While there, a party of about twenty came, and we thought our order would get slowed up because of that but the food flew out of the kitchen. I did try the Banh Mi which was very good, the roll was amazing. I took an order of the pho home and it was probably the best I have every had. The broth was so flavorful. They packaged it just right for take out too, keeping things separate so each part would be just right during the travel.
          I posted some photos for you.

          1. re: Quine

            Thank you for the outstanding pics and the insightful information, Quine! The food looks amazing!!! It has been 8 years since I lived in Philly and have eaten any Viet Namese food... I am going to go to this restaurant first...even before checking into the Chelsea!!! LOL

            We won't be in AC for another 3 weeks, so if you think of anything else, post more!!! ;)

      2. If you go to Baltimore Grill, stick with the pizza. The rest of the menu has not aged well since I used to go there as a child in the late '70s early '80s.

        White House is good for subs and cheesesteaks. The bread is great (from the bakery down the street).

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        1. re: Philly Ray

          Thank you for the advice, Philly Ray! I am wondering if you could tell me more about that bakery and any other bakeries in AC? I would love to be able to pick up some freshly baked goods got my family early in the morning after my early morning run on the boardwalk. I would also love to find a place with great. coffee...

          1. re: Valentine529

            This is the website for the bakery...


            I don't know much about any other bakeries. Like I said, I used to stay in AC when I was younger, but have hardly been there since.

            1. re: Philly Ray

              Thanks for the website....I will check it out!!! :)

              1. re: Philly Ray

                Philly Ray,

                The menu offered by Formica Bros. Bakery looks wonderful! I think that I have found my bakery and coffee shop! I will also be trying their tomato pie, an absolute favorite of mine.

                Thank you very much!!!!

          2. I am starting to panick because noone has recommended the best ice-cream parlors in AC!!! Would anyone have a rec for ice cream and/or water ice??? My husband is an ice-cream junkie, and I know that he will go into major withdrawal without his daily ice-cream fix!!! LOL

            Thanks again for all of the great information!!!

            1. What is the consensus on Create A Cone? I have reviewed the ice-cream situation in AC, and it doesn't look so great! I would prefer to stay away from chains for my entire vacation, so I will not be so happy to go to Ben & Jerry's or Rita's. (I can get this any time!!!)

              I still have hope... BTW, I hope that the power has been restored or will be shortly for AC and the entire region! Maybe noone can post because of the power outage...