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Jun 30, 2012 11:56 AM

Am I crazy? ie. Animal

to go to Animal tonight without reservations? I've read long lines before they open at 6pm. Im planning on lining up at 5pm. good enough time to get seated immediately?

Any alternatives??

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  1. wuh I'd assume getting there early is better since nobody eats dinner that early stereo-typically. I'd say go for it.

    1. If you're solo, probably okay. Let us know.

      One time I actually stood off the side of the bar and ordered some food. Assuming they still let you do it (no one knows you can do it) - you might start there and end up with a seat.

      1. They worked it out for us (once) party of 3 with no res showing up at ~6:30-7pm on a Sat, but we had to wait several hours. Fortunately there's a pretty good pub across the street with nice drinks to keep us happy (forgot the name, but high ceilings, raw wood beams, and looks very rustic). Fairly sure you could be seated but there might be a long wait.

        Last time I was there they had a foie gras biscuit and gravy that was to die for.

        1. Going at 5 PM will hopefully be good enough. There was no formal line last time I went before opening (5:30 PM, but that was a few weeks ago), so make sure you stay as close to the entrance as possible so you're one of the first. When they open the door make a dash for the bar. You should have a pretty good chance.

          I tried going last night at 11 PM, and they had stopped taking names 2 hours before they closed. There were probably a dozen people waiting outside.

          You asked for alternatives, but you didn't explicitly say if you were going for the foie or not. If you are, then I would stick with Animal. Otherwise, it depends what you're looking for. And if you want to do Animal but don't care about foie, their reservations are wide open after today.

          1. I would assume that it might be especially difficult tonight, as the foie ban starts tomorrow.

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              That was just what I was about to say. A farewell to foie gras.
              I think it will be jammed.

              1. re: wienermobile

                Would that be fig jammed with the foie? ;-D>