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Jun 30, 2012 11:01 AM

Khor Moo Yang/grilled pork neck @ Silom Village, Ealing, London

Pork neck/collar is one of my favourites. This excellent version typifies the perfect and seamless combination of fatty and meaty pork, nicely grilled to succulence without chewiness, with a background of marinate that gives it nuanced sweetness.

The tangy and spicy dipping sauce is merely ok, a good sour and chilli heat, but a background of something more like Worcestershire sauce than lime and vinegar. The sauce for the moo ping from Brixton Village's Kaosarn would have been perfect.

How's the version at Addie's Thai these days? And what about the Heron's?

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  1. Decided to try the Heron's version. Their khor moo yang comes in various salad forms, I went for the one with som tam/green papaya salad. The pork is nice but seems less fatty and more meaty than the one at Silom; it's also mixed in with the dressing of the som tam so the flavour combinations are a bit different. On the whole it worked well with the julienned green papaya, pulpy cherry tomatoes and crunchy green beans, the hot and lime sour dressing tinged with fish sauce pungency and umani binding all the components well, the many shades of sharp acidity and sourness coming together deliciously.

    Also had a wonderful crab omelette -- cooked in a very hot wok, the surface burnished and crisp, below that light eggy fluffiness, with a contrast from coriander leaves that bring a delightful bit of vegetal lightness.

    Incidentally, they have a printed menu in English and Thai now.

    More stuff on the Heron here:

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      Found Addies' one a bit fatty last time I went (about 9 months ago) Best recent Khor Moo Yang was at Thai Rice in Shepherds Bush / Brook Green. Fairly typical Thai restaurant, but if you start ordering 'thai style' they get the idea and the food immeasurably improves. Decent spiced Tom Sum and good fried duck in tamarind.

      1. re: hyperion

        Many thanks - that sounds like a great tip. Will have to check it out soon. Do you happen to know if 101 Thai has it on their menu as well?

        1. re: limster

          It's well worth a try if you're not expecting fireworks - Krapao Gai has good hand chopped meat (on request). You may be able to push the chef more - I've not really tried!

          Don't read Thai, but Addies menu pdf suggests it does:

          1. re: hyperion

            Thanks again -- been meaning to head back to 101 Thai to get a better sense of their Southern Thai dishes anyways, so it will be 2 birds with one stone!

            1. re: limster

              have definitely had pork neck a few times at 101

              1. re: t_g

                How did you like their version? I haven't had it there and would be grateful for a comparison with other places if you have the chance to try it elsewhere. Thanks!

                1. re: limster

                  sorry i've never ordered it anywhre else! which is strange, i've been to the heron quite a few times now and got quite a range of things but never thought to get it... i can tell you that the 101 version comes with the dipping sauce seperate, and the dipping sauce is really nice.

              2. re: limster

                and wow @ that 101 menu, its changed - they didnt used to have that whole page of nahm phriks?