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Jun 30, 2012 09:08 AM

What is the best Middle Eastern eatery in Cleveland?

I started a thread recently looking for cheap eats and I came across some gem middle eastern eateries. Aladdin Bakery and Nate's seemed to be standouts. Any thoughts on one vs the other? It was fascinating to discover the Arab communities that have prospered in Cleveland, specifically the Lebanese and Koptic Christian sets - who knew? Love to hear your thoughts on what seems to be a town that loves their hummus and baba ghanoush.


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  1. In my opinion, the best falafel is the place in the Westside Market. Maha's I think it's called. Aladdin's has locations all over the area. Decent food but not nearly as good as Maha's. Exception being if you go to their bakery location downtown and get one of the fresher phyllo pie-type things. Nothing wrong with that at all...

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      Maha's also has a place down by Metro.

    2. Athens bakery makes great spinach pies and these fantastic "baklava burrito" roll up things that are divine.

      1. I also like Maha's, but once you've had the falafel, there isn't much else to eat there. I've only eaten at their stand in the market. I assume their cafe has a larger menu.

        I've had some good food at a few places on Lorain. Arabian Village Market is one. Also, Assad's Bakery. Try the soujuk. Kabab-G had excellent (really fantastic) beef kabob, but when they re-opened after a brief remodeling job, it was left off their smaller menu. The owner said that he would bring it back. I really hope he does.

        I've had some good food at a Turkish place in Tremont called Istanbul Grill. Certainly, their donner is fantastic.

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          I agree that Maha's falafel is awesome, but the rest of their food is quite bad. I've been to the cafe and tried a couple of things and was very disappointed.

          I also 2nd the rec for Istanbul Grill. Their food is excellent.