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Jun 30, 2012 08:27 AM

Anyone tried Sycamore Kitchen?

I understand the Hatfields' new breakfast/lunch place opened this week. Any impressions?

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  1. Good question. I would have thought someone would have given a report by now.
    Tried yesterday and the place was slammed with an hour wait for food and pastries.
    It must have been the result of the large LA Times spread.

    1. Beautiful space. I got two pastries to-go yesterday, One was wonderful, the other fair. The layout is appealing for me to want to return and have a sit down lunch sometime soon.

      1. I got take out a couple of weeks ago: iced coffee (meh, not strong enough), gazpacho (cold tomato/cucumber/veg deliciousness) and the tomato/gruyere focaccia (thick, chewy bready goodness) yum.

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          Went about 3 weeks ago and had the gazpacho as well. I thought it was nice, light, and refreshing. Especially during the heatwave. My BLT was solid. I don't think I'd make a special trip, but if I happened to be in the area, I wouldn't hesitate to lunch there.

          The pastries were okay, but I'm a bit more enamored with Semi-Sweet Bakery atm, which is closer to me. Also, I enjoy the molasses cookie at Milk more than this one. Don't think I'll be back for the pastries.

        2. Has several pastries when they first opened and thought they were good, if a little heavy. Excellent coffee. Obviously top notch ingredients. Waiting a few more weeks before I return.

          1. Went around 11am on Saturday to pick up some pastry - I liked nearly everything we bought including a salted caramel pecan sticky bun, a creme fraiche coffee cake (good but very crumbly), pecan shortbread, a rye chocolate cookie, a coconut peanut bar, a molasses cookie, and a butter cup (their name for their kouing amann). Very good flavors, quality ingredients and enough salt to make the flavors shine. Pretty impressed, and I'm likely to go back to pick up more soon enough. We also bought some whole bean Stumptown coffee they had for sale.

            However, their staff needs some help - the kitchen appeared to be fairly slow, and there were about six people in line ahead of us. They did have someone writing down orders for the people in line, which helped, but they only had one cash register going, and only one person who was (very slowly) assembling bakery orders. We put a half hour on the parking meter just outside, and made it back after buying pre-made items with only 1 minute left.

            I am not necessarily going to fault the staff alone for the service, but they could take some of the care they show with the baked goods and apply it to speeding up the service in addition to having a roving order-taker. Maybe another cash register (or giving the order taker an iPad with Square to put the orders in) would help, or having more than one person assembling to-go orders. Or maybe we just need to go at off hours.

            Even so, I'd say that the delicious quality of the baked goods were enough to get me to go back despite any issues we had with the service.