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Jun 30, 2012 07:51 AM

New in West Palm

I drove by a new place on Okeechobee Rd. Not Okeechobee Blvd. Just south of Okee Blvd off of Parker near the tracks... It is called "Chicago Food Shack" Looks like a hotdog place. Anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Just had a Chicago-style hot dog there, and it really hit the spot. They had all the right accompaniments, including the poppy seed roll, neon relish and good Vienna beef dog. The fresh cut fries were pretty good--they're still working on the crispness apparently. They're also doing real Italian beef sandwiches, will have to try one next time. The owner is working hard and very interested in feedback, I think it's a good addition for an inexpensive quick lunch in the area. He also said he's going to be adding a fish sandwich and maybe fish tacos, and they have a small selection of sandwiches as well. It's tucked back in an industrial-looking area. Give it a try!

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      my wife and i split 2 chicago dogs and one wet hot beef, and a fry, dog and fries were right on the money, onions should be finely diced not chunks but very good cooked right, fries were great, italian beef i would get again just needs a better bread, no weekend hours

      1. re: seminole phil

        been back two more times, they got the kinks out and extremely good and very authentic