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Jun 30, 2012 07:12 AM

What is the oldest item in your kitchen that you still use?

I was making egg salad this morning using an egg slicer that was my mother's. I would estimate it to be between 50-60 years old, and I use it all the time for things like egg salad, potato salad and slicing mushrooms. I once bought a new one that could eggs cut in slices as well as quarters, but it broke quickly, and I went back to my old warhorse. Though I have other bits and pieces from my mother's kitchen, the only other item I really use is an equally old butter dish. It has a glass plate and a lid of embossed aluminium. My husband really doesn't like it, but he has learned to live with it.

Do you have any old family items that you still use?

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  1. I have a meat grinder that probably 70+ years old. It screws onto the table- dont have all the attachments, but it still grinds meat! I also have a green glass juicer that is probably the same age So pretty- cant believe it has not been damaged in all these years.

    1. I have a skillet that I picked up at a yard sale back in the 80s. It had to be 20 years old then. I love this skillet because it is huge - it has to be a good 15" inches across. Took a lot of elbow grease to get back in shape after I bought it, but worth it. I've never seen another one that wide since.

      1. I've got some 100+ year old Griswold cast iron pans.

        1. Hmmm, let's see. I have a Nordic Ware Bundt pan that was my mom's that's probably about 45 years old, and I use it all the time. My mom still maintains her own home so the few family pieces we have still reside with her except for the bundt pan because she stopped baking a long time ago.

          I have a few other misc. vintage kitchen items I've picked up here and there that I only use occasionaly, like an Angel Food Cake comb, a rolling pin, some cookie cutters and some chocolate molds.

          And my DW was here when we bought the house 16 years ago - and it was far from new than. I think it's somewhere between 21 and 25 years old! But it still works and I refuse to replace it until it croaks. Just stubborn, I guess.

          1. Wooden salt and pepper shakers and a matching bowl where the garlic lives, made by my late husband's Uncle Harold when he was a boy.