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Jun 30, 2012 06:08 AM

New, Tasty ! Fredericksburg - Doss - Mason - Harper

The best new Hill Country restaurant is 22 mi outside Fredericksburg, at the Doss Country Store. A young chef from San Antonio is out there making fresh and sophisticatedly delicious food at a crossroads in the middle of nowhere, i.e. some of the prettiest land in TX and a major cyclists' route. ( I hear a rich rancher is bankrolling the place, so he'd have a place to eat.) Our dinner was seriously the best meal I've had in the Fredericksburg area in a long, long time.

I had the dinner special (4 courses). Mom had a Caesar salad. JD had a killer burger (with homemade bun,mayo. The chef is a bread baker.)

not far from The Hilltop Cafe. breakfast, lunch, dinner Fri & Sat

Hurry. It might be a mirage.

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  1. Do you know the name of the chef? We saw an article on the restaurant and couldn't believe
    the prices on the menu. This is DOSS, TX... not Las Vegas. Anyway, I wish them luck and if it's as good as you say, I'll give it a try. Thanks for the heads-up

    1. I looked at the site you listed and see that their lunch prices are quite in line with the area. Maybe
      the dinner at $32 for steak & shrimp is a little pricey, but not nearly as dear as what was quoted in the article. Hope they do well.

      1. Chef is Matt Cavin (I think that's his last name) Dinner is a 4-course affair BUT lunch items are available at dinner. So you can get a burger or salad or frito pie. Dinner for 3 was $50. We've certainly paid more in Fredericksburg, for worse. They have beer, but I think wine is BYOB.

        My dinner = Chicken Meatballs in Smoky Sauce / Melon and Tomato in Cilantro Viniagrette / Chopped Steak with mushrooms, mashed potatos and green beans / Chocolate Dart for dessert. Beautifully prepared and presented. Each item delectable.

        1. Texas Monthly August 2012: "Matthew Kavin, a young chef with New York culinary cred, is turning this diminutive Central Texas spot into a dining destination. Breakfast and lunch are fine, but the weekend prix-fixe dinners leave us speechless. To wit: a salad of grilled okra and tomatoes; risotto with crab and asparagus; a buttery beef tenderloin sans any extraneous rubs or tricks; ethereal cheddar-chive biscuits; little angel food cakes with strawberries, agarita berries, and sweet cream. We’re planning to return with friends. This week. BYOB (beer available at convenience store). 14394 Ranch Rd 783 North, near Ranch Rd 648 (830-669-2160). Open Tue–Thur 7–6, Fri & Sat 7–9, Sun 9–2. Closed Mon. $–$$ W+

          1. Just worth noting that their website says the restaurant has closed.